07 October 2011

case against casein

A few years ago,
I tore up all the contracts
That I never signed in the first place...
Stating that I would strictly follow
This Plan - or That Plan...
Give up This - Chug down That...

I'm always trying new stuff!
This was at Ye Olde Vitamine Shoppe.
Needed an impromptu lunch from Ye Olde Can.
As in Protein Shake. 

Casein protein... not whey!
It's the other part of milk - 
As in Curds and Whey.... (cottage cheese)
THIS would be more like the curds part.
Very few protein mixes use this.

And for good reason... it sucks!
I was hungry within the hour...
That never happens with whey for me.

Casein and gluten are very similar in structure.
It's not just the lactose in milk that some can't
digest... all kinds of things to learn about!

Some say it causes problems for health...
But it makes a damn fine glue!

So there ya have it.
But don't try this at home.
I'm a highly trained professional!


  1. You are a highly trained professional....I never tried that...now they have a big hoopla about cafeine drinks etc....had one of those once and felt like shite...I don't know basics for this girl....how are you feeling, are you over your cold etc....I finally am feeling better, I think you sent it my way. lol. hugs to you .

  2. Case closed! Love the pumpkins. Your positivity is infectious.

  3. again as ALWAYS I adore you, C.T.

  4. Thanks, James!
    I get up 15 minutes earlier these days...
    (Rather, stop chatting on FB for 15 minutes!)
    And make sure I prep a good lunch....
    So I don't get caught short anymore!

    And thanks Cinner!
    I'm back to work and finally feel good again!

    Miz - Back at 'cha! Times a million!

  5. Good info, Anne. I have seen casein and wondered about it. Now I understand better why it is out there available. You are just a fount of info!

  6. My experience with casein was a nightmare! I ordered Big Train Fit Frappe mixes because I was ASSURED there were no unnatural sweeteners in them which I'm extremely sensitive to...Little did I know that one of the first ingredients is casein and oh my lordddddd....gut wrenching pain for a few hours afterward. NEVER AGAIN! >:( Allyson

  7. You make a great case against caisin! ... no wait, agaist casein! not the first one which is spelled more like raisin. my hamster won't even eat those.

    Thanks Anne ... I'll avoid it now that you've warned us. :)

  8. I haven't had a protein shake in a while. I'm eating enough at my two (usually) meals that I don't really need them. :) But I have a PaleoMeal tub in the pantry for the "just in case"...and some leftover Whey to Gos. If I need em, like when I'm sick and too ill to fix a meal, I'll use them. Until then, I'd rather have eggs or chicken or salads or nuts and fruit.

    But I prefer whey, for sure. :D


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