26 October 2011

butter nuts

Take some nuts -
Walnuts, pecans, and almonds...
I keep them in the freezer so I won't -
And because I don't - eat them very often...
More like a garnish on a salad, maybe.
Or a crunch for a topping  - on meat or veggies.

Into a pan they go - fried up sauteed with butter, salt, 
Balsamic Vinegar, and a pinch of Splenda.
Yes, you can cook with Splenda!
Add my Famous Spice Rub:
garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper!

Another variation might include cinnamon...
(That was SpunySuzi's idea!)
Or one with vanilla, or garam masala! 

"Almost" one of the closest things I've found to 
a true Brown Sugar substitute! Even the Splenda type.
But with alot less carbs.

It's very filling - and very, very good!
Probably perfect for cool fall days!
Just in time for a Happy Diwali!


  1. Oh my! Garam masala would be good with that too :)

  2. I think this could be tweaked for just about any application!

  3. I put walnuts in my turkey stuffing. I love the texture of it in the soft moist stuffing. I also add mushrooms, onions and celery.

  4. Looks AWESOME! You could also do Macadamia nuts!
    Aloha, Baby! It would be like one of your Paleo Kits you love so well.

  5. My order came today, with my first ever jar of Garam Masala! I kept noticing you using it, so I decided to get brave and try it. I think my first experiment might just be nuts. ;-)


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