05 February 2011

plan unveiled

Looks like snow to me

Looks like Michigan

Snowing down souff

My new plan..... (evil laugh)

I feel like such a True Blonde
trying this and that....
changing my mind...

But all that's ok.

Somethings work -  somethings don't.
Somethings work for a while, then quit.

Hormones, age, cortisol....
Dang, Skippy!

Sometimes I think there is an invisible 3 day lag....
Between cause and effect.
That would explain alot, wouldn't it?

The goal is the last 10 pounds.
Abdominal fat.
Visceral fat.

1. I cut back on caffeine - (link) that worked well....
But I just didn't like it. (Too bad, eh?)

2. I tried fasting, (link) but I almost collapsed at work.
Must have been an adhesion... ouch - the pain!
Oy! I assure you I could fast myself to death
if I were so inclined. But not at work.
That would be wrong.

3. Regular old every day boring stick-to-the-plan
works.... but yet.... these last 10 pounds have become
a mini-obsession with me. At least it's not 15 pounds
like it was before, eh?
I don't want to come this far, only to stop now.

It's slow slow slow slow like sugar free molasses in January.

Lots of forums and boards discuss this very phenomenon.

4. So for the past 2 days, I have been on a protein fast.

I hesitate to share details until enough time has passed
to tell for sure if it is something I can commit to.

I think the regular LoCarb just has too much fat 
for me right now. Back to that darn Visceral Fat.

I have also cut way way way back to one stinking cup of coffee.
Cuz it worked so well with the visceral fat stores before.
Grrr...... to the less caffeine. (Wah!)
And yes, even no Monsters.

And I still get my steps.... Average 10,000 a day.
And Lymph Massage.
And Water, water, water, water.
A little more work-out every day.

So that's my evil (Wicked) plan unveiled.
So far, so good.
Pants falling off. Boney Jaw Baby.
But still pushing around this 
Box of Adipose tissue  *right there*
And by the way, that skin is always cold.
Even in the shower. Cold to the touch.

So it's an open ended deal here.
Stop when ever it needs to stop.
I work better when I give myself permission 
to try new things without making each new thing
a superlative public commitment - 

Plus, that re-framing exonerates me from any guilt
that I once would have associated with "failure..."
...As in look at all these stupid things I've tried.
I don't beat myself up over things like that anymore.
It's really a learning phase. A Food Lab and Body Classroom.
And I have a double major! (Subject to change, of course!)

But that's just me. Always experimenting.
Some metabolic MacGyver, I guess!

And also, I would be remiss to not add this:
If it works out that this is how my body
"wants" to be.... at least for now....
I can accept that, as well!
I'm not a model, or a hottie super model...
So maybe super hot abs are just not in my future!
Since they weren't in my past, it works out ok!

Hope your day is great - any plans for the week-end?


  1. I laughed at the 3 day lag thing that seems so true to me too. Hope the new thing works. I do believe mixing things up works. Hope you had a good Friday even with the snow. My skin is always cold too wonder what that's about.

  2. You're a model to ME - a Model Motivator, and I need some motivation bad!! Keep us posted on how the protein fast works!

  3. Wicked you! Cortisol, adhesions, I hear ya, Anne. But you look darn good to me.

  4. You are willing to listen to your body and if this is what your body wants you are willing to acquiesce
    at least accept for now. You are always working on something even when you are not working.

  5. Cutting back on my coffee (caffeine) is hard to think about, but if you have had good results I might just consider it for a moment. Nope. Not gonna happen today. But like that idea of switching things around to see if you can't boost things along a little.

  6. You are going to kick me that the one thing I'm zoning in on is the lymph massage. What is that?
    Nothing like changing things up a bit to get them moving again.

  7. Good luck with the new plan, Anne. It sounds good to me and I hope it works out for you. Have a lovely day, in spite of the weather. :)

  8. so good to see snow in your neck of the woods ;)
    i agree with the 3 day idea. at least i hope it works like that lol

  9. That snow better go because we are coming to Fort Worth for our March Break and I want to come to sunshine!!!!

  10. if at first you dont succeed (what! you are a success!) try try again---keep us posted on what you're eating and how it affects things! And keep warm/dry/toasty!

  11. Sometimes it's just fun to change things up. It's never a failure, just a fun new adventure.

    I'd love to be working on my last 10 pounds. Can not imagine. You've done so great.

  12. Low carb/low fat is hard! I have been trying to decrease my carbs while staying vegan and I have noticed some differences! One, my cravings are diminished! Two, it's easier to eat fresh when you don't have to have the other stuff.

  13. Trying different things is also what i do all the time :)
    Your doing great, give it time to work and i have no doubt it will!

  14. Somethings work, for sure....
    but they are SO HARD they make you wonder if it's worth it.
    Fasting.... No coffee.... sure they work. But dang, skippy!

    Now this Low-Fat, LoCarb, "moderate" protein fast
    (liquid diet, actually)
    is one last thing to try..... now I can say I tried everything known
    to man (and woman) to help with the last 10 pounds!

  15. Lipo the tissue box?? hehe But if this diet won't take it off, what will? Maybe you got the tissue box gene? ;-) Interesting that I noticed the cold fat phenomenon the other day-sweating my butt off on the elliptical, and two handfuls of fat on my thighs were ice cold, but the belly fat wasn't...Different types of fat maybe? Brown vs. white? I'll hit the publications on this-I'm curious now...good post, I'm pulling for you.

    Polar's Mom

  16. Oh lordy, can you metabolic MacGyver that snow right out of DFW? I'm supposed to be arriving there shortly and I can't drive in the snow and on the wrong side of the road and with jet lag! Ohhhh nooooooo.

    Not that my plight is worse than those stubborn 10 pounds. I do sympathise with that obsession to get them off.

    Move it, pounds! Ya hear me!


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