11 February 2011


A FB video -
Those uploads are FAST!

Dear Blogging Peeps

Day x of the diet and
Day x of being sick.....

No real cause and effect - I think I was just 'sick.'
Like the flu. Time will tell, because I want to do the diet 
for the recommended full 2 weeks -
IF - and only if - my boss says it's ok.  
My "boss" in this case being my body.
I listen to her alot..... she knows something I don't know!

Me, my body, and my ego are always doing RPS
(rock paper scissors) to see who gets to be in charge.
Sadly, it was my ego up that won out, up until a few years ago. 
And look at the mess I let it get me into! Now it's me, not-so-large
and not so bad in charge. Just learning as I go. Hopefully. Hey!
Hopefully, I'm learning.
And learning to hope - more appropriately this time.

"Hope" your week end is wonderful!
Time, now, to get up and about, and
entrench myself out of this week long hibernation!
Cyber-hibernation. lol!
My "Where's Waldo" outfit!

Thank You Kindly!

Anne H


  1. How cute - a matching set.......
    of dimples!
    You could drive a truck through those things!
    Glad you feel better

  2. You need a wife; then there's never any question about who's in charge...

    Feel better.

  3. As D likes to say...leggo your ego...hahaha! I love it when he says this!

  4. I hope you feel much better soon, Anne. I enjoyed your video but feel terrible you are so sick and tired. Hang in there. I'm sending you good thoughts.

  5. I love your accent! Hope you are well on the way to recovery, you poor thing.

  6. I hope the weekend sees you resting a lot! :)

  7. Again, I hope you are feeling better real soon! Have a restful weekend.

  8. Thanks every one!
    Una Mas Dia.....por favor.....
    Solamente una mas....
    Entonces...... we'll see!

  9. Feel better. I hope you get to do something fun this weekend.

  10. Rock - Paper - Scissors...so true.

    I often feel that life is more like playing candyland.

    I think I'm climbing the ladder and doing great when all of a sudden
    I find I'm sliding down to first base again. OOh can you tour us through
    candyland Ms. Anne. That would be awesome to see it through your eyes.


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