16 February 2011

cheap protein

Dear Blogging Peeps

an update
day 13+

This diet reminds me of my Mother. Growing up, we didn't have much money. 
She was vexed in the men department. So it was just her income we lived on. 
She was older, too. She had me when she was 40. Poor lady! 
How tired she must have been!
She was a Medical Records "Secretary," as they called it back then.
I'd help her study Medical Latin root words. Probably why I became a Nurse.

A funny Nursing  joke for today.
They found a body - they are pretty sure she was a Nurse.
Her stomach was empty, her bladder was full, 
and her butt was chewed off!! (heehee!)

But, I digress!
My dear Mother, who was not over-weight, one day put down her fork in protest!
"No more tuna! No more eggs! If I have to see another cheap protein I'll scream!"
A can of basic tuna is around a dollar.... sometimes cheaper. Two servings per can.
A dozen eggs is around two bucks. 2 eggs per serving = less than 50 cents.
Pound of hamburger - about $3.... each 4 ounce serving is 85 - 90 cents.

So there is no way a Higher Protein Diet is expensive.... Sure, it can be. 
But it doesn't have to be. Even the Protein Powder is 50 cents a serving... 
a couple of bucks a day.

*I use a mix of Isolated Whey and Concentrated Whey - I mix it myself!*
Good quality - LoCarb - what more could a blogger ask for?

Like the 1950's Diet.... Minus the Melba Toast!
Cottage Cheese - the quintessential diet food. Couple of bucks.
Salad. Pretty standard for Pounds Off as well.
Ah, yes.....

So here we are on day something. Here I am. I feel really good!
Didn't there was a trend a few years ago, for the LoCarbers to go on a
Protein Shake Diet - for just 2 meals a day? Then a reg low-carb meal?
Something like that?  That was when I first started blogging in May. 
[I started LoCarb in March, so there's a lag in time, and in pounds.]

Some very expensive - $300+ a month meal plans are very popular.
And they use a Liquid Protein. There are several of them out there.
Thanks for checkin in! The fast officially ends tomorrow evening.
For a full two weeks! Liquid protein with a couple of solid meals thrown in.
And all is well! Thanks for reading, y'all!

Thank You Kindly,
Anne H


  1. Wishing you an awesome day too, Anne. I can't believe it has been 14 days already. I hope the scale really shows your dedication. :)

  2. I know there are inches down.
    Pounds - now that remains to be seen!
    Fingers crossed, right?

  3. Fingers X'd. I seem to be going in the opposite direction, I'm getting heavier ... or my clothes are shrinking. :( Back into Atkins Induction for me.

  4. Almost done with the fast- I'll be interested in seeing how much weight you lost!

  5. Wow-14days! Takes dedication.

    Hey Anne, thanks for the reminder (about stalls)& encouragement. I think that's exactly where I am and I'm not about to throw in the towel. How do you throw in the towel when you have diabetes y'know? Go on insulin? Take glyburide or other drugs? No thanks. So...whether the scale shows progress or not-it's lo carb for me baby!! :)

  6. I agree, a person can eat well and get good protein and low carb veggies and not break the bank. Especially since eating less is part of losing or maintaining a healthy weight. If someone isn't ordering a 10 buck pizza or getting a 5 buck value meal for dinner and lunch ....that 10 and 5 bucks can cover chicken, whey protein, greens.

    I've seen many folks do well using whey for one or two meals and having sound meals for the non-protein shake ones. It's a no-brainer for busy people and the protein shakes can be enriched with vitamins and fiber....

    Anyway, I started taking pre-nursing school classes in 1982, decided I couldn't handle blood and poop, switched to Medical Records (Health Information Management nowadays). Coincidences...

  7. More like $400 a month..... and more!

  8. I admit I spend more money on groceries than a lot of people but I do enjoy it and I could go cheaper if I needed to.
    You are doing great and that scale had better show it or you'll have to take a hammer to it :)

  9. Heehee - I'll leave that to Jack Sh*t!

  10. Cant wait to see the results, cuz if they are good, I may follow in your footsteps. But owies, I dunno--you are uber-dedicated!!!

  11. Agreed. I spend less when I keep to plan. And I have a varied diet. Different meats, different veggies, different recipes and flavourings. It doesn't get boring although I seem to be right off tuna at the moment. One day soon I'll make a tuna salad and it will be on again.

    An easy to prepare lunch for me consists of a small can, 85gm/3 oz), of tomato and basil flavoured tuna, and mixed raw veggies such as lettuce, cucumber red or yellow bell pepper, carrot, celery and spring onion, (scallion), sometimes I add Paul Newman light dressing and sometimes none.

    I'm trying to think up a way to have an iced coffee smoothie using my whey powder. It sounds easy but ... it has to taste good and be sweetish but sugar/carb free. My whey powder has stevia in it. Somrhting to experiment with over the weekend.

    Can't wait to see your results on the scales.


  12. Your willpower is astounding. Hope you had an awesome day!

  13. I look forward to the final "verdict" too. I've been VERY curious, and a-thinkin about it.... hmmmm. And already have some whey protein powder.

    Iced protein coffee shakes in the morning?? Sounds yummo. I'd freeze the plain coffee into ice cubes, and use them instead of plain ice cubes! Add some chocolate flavoring (a nutritional must, right??) and you have a thick and frosty Morning Mocha!

  14. Wowzers, Anne. I'm not sure I could do that. Hope it was worth it! :)

  15. You have done well Anne.
    Keep it up.
    I don't get the nurse joke! sad

  16. Hope tomorrow is awesome! Just like you!

  17. Bravo, Anne, for sticking it out, especially during the time you were sick and right after that, when it would have been sooooooooo easy to feel sorry for yourself and entitled to a treat. With baited breath I await your news tomorrow evening.

  18. Like the new look of your blog colors.

    Good for you on coming in 14 days on that fast. I could not do it!

  19. I can relate to that cheap protein, ate a lot of it growing up. Have a great day tomorrow, xo

  20. I would love to have a large dose of your willpower!!!

    You Rock Anne!! Boy do you Rock!!!


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