22 February 2011

health and fitness

 Almost ready for pre-maintenance.
Just now able to focus on health, as well as weight-loss.
Getting fit, so to speak!
I'm glad I can set a better example as a Nurse.
You've got to have some level of fitness to keep up
with hiking and camping!!
And by the way, I lost a pound while on vacation
in San Antonio! It really CAN be done!

Kind of an historic Toon Tuesday.
Rare finds from the 
Ghost of Public Service Announcements Past!
Thanks, Loretta  for letting me play along
with Toon Tuesday!

Hope your day is healthy and wonderful !


  1. Way to go on losing weight on vacation! Glad you're feeling healthy. I sure hope I have a healthy wonderful day and you do too. Hugs

  2. you

    you know Im never joining toon tuesday...or am i? :)

  3. Loved these old posters... what a cool find!

  4. I love these posters, so very cool. March in to Health, now that's a cool saying. Something to really share with my health club.
    Take care Anne and have a great day. Good job on losing while on vacation and more. You are rocking on and so inspiring. Keep up the great work.
    Have a blessed day my friend.

  5. They are all cool -
    It would be fun to use one as an icon for a challenge -
    "March" into health, in March, eh?
    Someone should do that!

  6. Love the toons today, Anne. And congrats on losing while on vacation. I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time in San Antonio.

  7. Not many people lose weight while on vacation. It looks like you have so much fun meeting Kelly and seeing the sights. The old posters are great.

  8. The walking helped alot!
    And we all made pretty healthy choices for meals!
    I had a great big salad every day!
    With grilled chicken or fajita - omg good!

  9. You lost weight on vacation!!! You seriously rock!

  10. I lost a pound too!! Maybe it's a sign that we should go on vacation again? I think yes. Or maybe hike our legs off. Nah, that couldn't have had anything to do with it. Lots and lots of walking and eating right. That might be a formula for weight loss. Seriously, I went to the doctor on Thursday and weighed one pound more. I lost one pound over the weekend. Awesome!

    Love the toon tuesday. Always a treat.

  11. Yeah, Texas, yeah,,, NYC in November is coming !!

  12. Those posters are great!

    Congrats on losing while on vacation. You rock!

  13. i love vintage anything--great posters! and congrats on another pound biting the dust ;-D


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