24 February 2011

cutting carbs

Miss B tells it all, y'all!
Times are changing, maybe!
Worked a case way in the country....
Coyotes howling.... all that.
Looks like a Country Day Post Card - 
So far removed from town there's no signal!
3G? 4G? What's that?  No nothing!

Went off and forgot my lunch.
Yep - there's my protein mix.
Right on the counter (at home)
where I left it! What did I do?

Ate some cottage cheese and
tried to convince myself that I wasn't hungry.
Powerful hungry. Stomach growling.

And drank water, water, water.
And paced around a little.
Sang songs to myself.

Very long day. What else can ya do when
throwing a 'baby fit' is not an option?

This is a mini-plate of Pork Rind Nachos!
Look close and you can see the Chipotle....
30 seconds in the microwave.

I keep Cheddar and Pepper Jack cheese already cubed
(and shredded) in bags in the fridge.... for a  quickie snack!

And didn't go crazy eating once I got home!
That's the problem with missing a meal.
It's tempting to overcompensate.

Ah - now off to bed to do it all again tomorrow.
With my lunch packed and ready by the door!

Hope your Life Is Good!


  1. I'm sure getting sick of those darned pork rinds. Isn't there any other crunchy low-carb snack?

  2. I added a pic to show how big of a container I buy mine in!
    I never grow tired of them. I fix them soooo many different ways.
    This pic was early Feb.... I do believe I've lost weight even from then!

  3. Think I'll have to try me some pork rinds!

  4. Don't forget your lunch today! Hungry is no way to live.

  5. I have aa hard time when I don't have my lunch with me. I have even thought about keeping an emergency stashing my car...... oh wait...I work at a grocery store.....

    Yuck yuck

  6. I HATE it when I forget my lunch! Be safe driving around today in the rain.

  7. Miss B is sooo cute :)
    Glad you made it home safely!

  8. Don't forget the shake today! haha.

  9. Oh no! Sorry you had to go hungry. An unplanned fast. :)

    I like the hot and spicy rinds. They smell terrible though. I was surprised that they were so high in protein but low in fat. I thought they would be terrible for you.

    Yes, life is good and I have a sticker to prove it thanks to you.

  10. I hate forgetting my lunch because I always have to "make do" with something from the cafe. Nice food but geared toward the high carb low fat pyramid. Kinda hard flipping that on its ear economically! Glad life is good anyway, and you didnt go bonkers after feeling the powerful hungryness!

  11. There's lots of 0g spots around here.

    Ya know, I don't think I've ever eaten a pork rind.

  12. Ya Miss B!

    My life is good...I hope yours is too!

  13. I doubt we can even get pork rinds here! Want to send me some! lol


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