10 February 2011

under the weather

Dear Blogging Peeps

An Update
Day whatever, I forget -
7 going into 8 maybe?

Back to bed for now....
Just can't get over this....
I have the immunity of a small horse.
I never get sick.... never evah!

Last year, I had H1N1
This year.... something I don't know what it is.
I'm not depressed.
I'm not deficient,
My hair is not falling out.
I have lots of energy.
I love everyone.
I just am as week as a kitten that has died.
And that is pretty week. Mostly in my arms. 
I know, right? The dreaded Arm Virus?
I added back eggs into my diet.
Mmmm.... they were good.

But my nose it still running - better go catch it!
And what ever this is I caught from some poor patient,
I don't know but it's a freaking bloody mess.

Back to the vitamins and the bed with the heating pad.
And the box of Kleenex. Why are they named that?
It's not my neck that needs cleaning!
(First grader humour - couldn't resist!)
Thank You Kindly!
Anne H


  1. I'm so sorry, Anne. Feel better soon. :)

  2. Maybe it's time for a doctor visit? Sorry you are still so sick...and that weak feeling is not good, not good at all. :(

  3. You need sleeeeeep! Feeling weak is not good, I hate it. Maybe Shelley is right and it's time for a doctor's visit. Though I'm always reluctant to see the doctor - I'd rather let my body heal itself - but sometimes it can't!

  4. I don't like it that my fave fatfighting nurse is sick. Wish I could bring you some broth and a nice hot low-carb drink. So sorry. I will say that the picture of you in bed with the cap is adorable. So hugggable.

    Accept a healing long-distance hug!!

  5. Oh, so sorry to hear that you are back in bed and week. Wish I could come over and take care of you until you get better.

    Yay for adding eggs. Eggs are good. No, better than good - great.

    Get rested and get well very, very soon!

  6. Thanks, y'all....
    I'm a pillow-hugger from way back....
    I don't know any doctor that would come all the way out here.
    And I sure ain't getting out!
    Typical Nurse.... we make for bad patients.

  7. Oh nooo feel better!!!!! Gosh..I was sick for like 5 days, not as pronounced as you but symptoms all over the map like you seem to be describing!! Maybe we should just call it the creeping crud, though we dont know from whence or whom it crept! acckk~

  8. Well, if I could bring you some chicken noodle soup that I just made from scratch, I would do it. I know it would make you feel better. Hugs!

  9. Get yourself to the doctor my darling girl.
    Big Hugs

  10. Feel better soon Anne, when was the last time you had a physical? Perhaps when you feel strong enough you can have one, it certainly won't hurt to have one anyway. Sending much love and big hugs to you......:-) Hugs

  11. Yes... eggs, sleep, rest, protein to heal. No stress... lots of healing LUV from blogging buddies to cover you like a blankie!

    {{{healing hugs}}}


  12. This sure sounds like a nasty bug. Hope things start getting better soon.

  13. Dude I am so sorry your weak kitty can't fight the virus!! The way I figure it you have 4 more days then your antibodies will be made...hopefully. ;-) Do you have mono maybe?

    Polar's Mom

  14. The day I took that hard-ass case,
    My most recent case....
    I took my picture.
    As I always do.
    And I said "Dude! I can see Lymph glands on my neck!"
    What in the H is up with that!
    Next day *bam*
    Two days later, in bed, sick as a dog sled.
    I want my mom!
    Or somebody's mom. or somebody!

  15. Get better. Rest. Good going on the energy!

  16. Feel better...I am sending you a Mommy hug...

  17. Oh, feel better. So, sorry you are ill.

  18. Oh baby - I'm so sorry! I KNOW nurses make the worst paitents (second only to doctors and husbands) but seriously, if you aren't feeling better soon, you need to go see the doctor. May be time for a hiney shot. Or a Z-Pac.

  19. "hugs" hope you're feeling better asap!!

  20. this is a time
    when we blogging friends
    are totally inadequate
    for the job at hand

    what you need is
    a mom or sister or bff
    to make you chicken soup
    from scratch

    getting though a bug like this
    on your own is the pits
    really the pits

    I surely hope the sun will shine
    bringing you renewed energy soon

    thanks for your wise woman comment
    on my clutter post
    you're so dang right...
    it IS hard to turn a big ship around!

  21. rest, rest, rest! hope you feel better soon Anne!

  22. oooh late to this.
    hope youre on the mend.


  23. Awww, i wish I was there to help mother you. Course, my style of mothering is to sit in my comfy chair playing on the internet after drugging the kid and sitting her in front of the TV when she's sick. Hey - it works.

    I do hope you feel better soon.

    Not suprisingly, i love the 1st grade humor.


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