05 February 2011

driving 'fast'

A new little stretch 
to start the day

My form is not so good....
but I get it done!
See if you can do this one...
It's not so easy!

Fasting days.....
Day 2.5 
Not even a meal to look forward to....
 Wonder what this button is for.
Oops - never mind.


It snowed here, as you know, but it is clearing up.
Just in time for the Big Game.

Driving was a trick in Dallas, the past few days.
Lots of people here had never driven on snow before,
or so it seems, and there was alot of sliding.
Almost like Curling for Cars.

Get thee behind me, @ss-hole!
These dangerous people drive in all 4 lanes
at the same time, and go about minus 5 mph.
They actually have to speed up, to stop.
You never really notice a hill,
until ya have to climb it.

Sounds like a weight-loss metaphor!

Mmmm.... sounds good!
But not today.

Tax Service nailed to a tree?
Now that's a sign!

Oh. And the Protein Fast?
No hunger at all last night.

I take a very broad definition of things....
I still call it a pseudo-fast even if I have
one single bite of something.

I know - I know - But I'm no purist!
A good example is last night, after work.
I had a wee little cup of broth
to take my daily Advil with!

[But, I wasn't hungry at all for my 3rd protein shake,
so I skipped it altogether.]

I know from experience it had to be done.
Just like my daily (single) cup of Joe.
The alternative (of being without) is just not worth the pain.
So even in (what some might call) extreme situations,
I am still like those bad drivers.... 
Straddling a couple of lanes here and there...
Coasting UP the hill and driving DOWN it
at times..... just cruising!

I try to "ramp up" my metabolism

with moving around - and not with food!
especially during this protein fast.
Which is basically a liquid protein diet.

After all, what is metabolism if not
the sum of intake and output?
(or the difference)

Hope your day is going well!
Sending good thoughts your way, I am....


  1. Love the wake-up stretch, Anne. Seems like a good way to get going in the morning. :)

  2. Yep, I was talkin' to my Mom in Brownsville and she was tellin' me of the weather there. Is this not weird???

    I'm sittin' here smack in the middle of the Ozarks and were ice and snow packed. That big blizzard hit us head on. I understand what ya'll are talkin' about "Texans on snow".

    Loved your mornin' streach. I'm a yoga kinda gal! :o)

    God bless ya and have a beautiful weekend from the icy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  3. I bet every cowboy with a 4WD thinks he can go 50 mph. That's what they do up here during our infrequent snow days. They just haven't figured out that they still can't stop. You be careful out there! Man, that looks cold. Brrrr.

  4. I donm't envy the ice/ snow driving or the fast..

    hey, i dreamed about you last night. I think it was you. You lived in NYC near Central park and had a cool apartment with vintage furniture and a ghost. We met up and went ghost hunting because I was on vacation and just happened to be staying near your apartment. My husband would never go to NY and you live in Texas. weird. Had fun though.

  5. "Curling for Cars"
    Now that's cute....
    Kinda dangerous..... but cute!
    Stay warm!

  6. There's a bit of that winter white lonely/moody feel in those pics. I like the icicles. Wow, havent' seen thoes live in....33 years!!!!

    One can fast from all sorts of things. A fast from meat (Catholics do this a lot :)), a fast from all pleasurable treats, a fast from all solid foods, a fast from all spiced/salted foods. It's just an abstention. Some people I've known have done only water fasts, or only fruit and veggie fasts.

    Reap the benefits and stay warm, babe.

  7. I love this post. You're right about dieting. It's hard to stay on the straight and true. However, stick with it and you'll get there.

    At least that's what I tell myself.

    Good luck.

  8. Wishing you a great weekend, Anne!

    Cool photos, as always!

  9. HAHAH---I swear I have said almost as much quite often whilst driving in the snow: "Get thee behind me, @ss-hole!" Honestly I hate it too, it freaks me the heck out!
    I hope that all the "Weird Science" you're inflicting on these last 10 lbs is effective! At least you're not feeling hunger. I think Id be ready to burst into the Catfish Cove, wild-eyed and wooly and demand A DEEP FRIED TURKEY, YES THE FAT ONE IN THE WINDOW...RIGHT AWAY!!! hehehe...actually I did try that once and it was delicious!
    Ok im going :-D


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