08 February 2011

heart shaped box

Hungry for junk - looking for sumpin'
Candy is on sale this time of year.

Will you be my Valentine?
Surely I can let myself have one little bite?
I deserve it! One bite. Come on already!

One, two, three, four...
Sugar-free is good for you!

Feeling a little queezie now...
What's with the cramps?

This one is good, that one is bad..
This one is so-so... More!
It's a Sampler Pack!

A little more cramping here

Ok. ONE more, then no more after that.

Excuse me - please

Can't wait till next year!
Are we having fun yet?
Sometimes a "treat"  is not such a treat!
No Nurses were hurt in the making of this post!
Actually, I did get some sugar-free candy,
and had a few pieces. (Last week, Wednesday.) 
And remembered my lesson. Finally! Yikes!
Maltitol is a great teacher! My hand stopped in mid-air.
And my mind said "Enough!" 
And I gave the rest away.
Thanks, Loretta
For letting me play along on Toon Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for the email reply.

    Hope your enjoying your day ...I'm doing OK.

  2. Tune Tuesday is great fun for me. Can't believe you actually photographed yourself over the porcelain throne. Ha! Bravo! Also bravo about giving away the sugar-free crap. Next time just give it to the white thing in your bathroom?

    BTW, it's still Monday here...

  3. Just a "prop" in this case....
    But there was a time it was for real!
    I didn't over-do it on the candy.
    You should have seen the picture I was going
    to post! heehee! Scandalous!

  4. I was craving malted milk balls for weeks... finally got some sugar free ones (yep, maltitol). Funny... they didn't taste near as good as I remembered! oh well... back to the Chocoperfection sugarfree chocolate bar. No maltitol in those!

  5. You have decided to work on your life changes all the way, huh. Eliminating candy or treats with no nutritional value. You have more self control than most people have. The toilet scene was funny and sad.

  6. Been there, done that. BARF! Sometimes that's the best lesson. Hope this finds you feel better. All the way around.

    Still coming my way, right?

  7. Thanks, y'all!
    I'm finally returning to humanity!
    The flu - it must have been the "real" flu-
    I caught from my last patient. And now with this
    Liquid Protein Fast.... a little Induction Flu
    Thrown in as well....
    At least to my credit, I didn't make myself sick
    on candy on top of it all! Now I get to go on to
    the next lesson, what ever that is!

  8. Glad you are starting to feel better, you are still so entertaining when you are ill...

    Are you and Alien?



  9. I am so glad you are feeling better :)
    Candy is my huge downfall along with comfort food! Scary!

  10. TechnoBabe -
    I think the Sugar Free candy
    and other products have a GREAT value....
    I give them to patients as a cheap and
    VERY effective LAXATIVE!
    Talk about your marketing faux pas!

  11. Those sugar alcohols can be murder. I'm trying to steer away from food present for Valentine's Day. There isn't anyone in the house who could not stand to lose a few pounds. I'm trying to think of some original non-food gifts.

  12. Is that a fork in your mouth, or are you just happy to see me?

  13. Oh...I HATE sugar free candy! Makes me so sick! Gives me such a headache!

    I eat an apple instead...

  14. I've been eating SF werther's candies lately. I do okay with one serving but sometimes I have a second and...oooh boy.

  15. I don't get the title of the post?

    It was a square box you had tucked under the chair.
    Am I being too literal?

    hee hee just messing with ya.

    You are a dear heart...and no one can put you in a box cuz you are an

  16. Annie
    "Heart Shaped Box" is a title to a song from Nirvana.
    And is also a box of thoughts, perhaps..... on good and bad....
    Think of the Tin Man here....

  17. See? Life IS like a box of chocolates!

  18. Too funny!

    I ate too many Atkins bars the other day. They were so good I just couldn't stop myself. I'm not to be trusted with any more!

  19. Yup. Overate those sugar-free chocolate things once. That was enough. Hoo Boy. This was a great post today! You are so creative & funny too.

  20. Oh good you're ok!!!! I thought you had fallen and couldn't get up!

    Polar's Mom

  21. Yeah, I hear you on the sugar free candies, Anne. I really like the "toon" pictures. I think besides your nursing calling; you could always switch to actress.

  22. I have some dark chocolate in the freezer....the theory is that I will eat just one block of it for 5 net carb, but that never happens does it!? Acckk! It doesnt contain malitol though, which is a good thing cuz Im getting enough fibahh with other things right now! Glad you're feeling better. So is the protein fast experiment over with, or on-going?

  23. Oooooooh, I can feel the cramps just reading this.

  24. :( I have IBS so when i eat some of those sugar free chocolates first i get very painful cramps and then loud noises start happening causing Ralph to hold his nose :) No one will sit near me. Yep, i try to stay away from them now!

  25. So glad you weren't hurt in the making of that :) I sure know about the sugar free stuff. I'm always warning the kids too. Nicholas when he was 4 learned the hard way with a box of sugar free cookies. Snuck in the kitchen and climbed on a chair to get them from a high shelf. Ended up pooping his pants 3 times that night, poor kid. Probably the worse part is we still tell the story, he's 13 now lol.


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