13 February 2011

panic! at the dish-oh

Big Coin? Who's got a "big" coin?

The one thing I don't like about my cheap inexpensive 
apartment is: it has no washer and dryer. Too old. 
It doesn't even have a back door! Very old.
A well-maintained 1950's Vintage Dream.

 I call it "My Della Street Apartment." 
Almost everyone else here is like, 80.  
I am like the Quasi-Resident Nurse.  

But I digress. I have been so sick - I felt burdened
with all this laundry. Took it to a laundry mat - 6 loads...
All time record! I washed every thing I own. Sheesh!

I felt a sense of uneasiness creeping up on me.
So I quickly found my newly (re)learned
Panic and Anxiety Reduction Skills. 
You know, coping skills! Other people might have 
always had them. But for me, they seem to be learned.
Learned, re-learned, and I need to practice them!
There seems to be plenty of opportunities to practice.
Took a deep breath. Looked around. 
All is well...I just don't really want to be here!
Maybe overdoing it a wee little bit - from having spent 
a week on the cough watching old movies!

The place itself is good
Clean, safe, attended, tv on, good value for a "big coin..."
A plus of coming here is that you get all yer laundry done 
in a hour and a half. Including folding! 

Little kids in laundry baskets - charming......
So once again, it's the idea of the thing that I don't like.

Not the reality. The reality is fine. 
Back to problem solving/coping skills 101.
I can do this thing (what ever it is) even if I really don't want to!
Or at least I can try!

Such crude beginnings....
It reminded me of a story from an earlier
copy of Muscle and Fitness magazine.
Joe Weider (link) would work out with junk,
and bricks, car tires and axle rods.

We work with what we have. Start where we 
are at..... that kind of thing.
You really can't start anywhere else, actually.
But it's all good! Cuz that's not where you'll stay!

My wonderful neighbor helped throw the laundry
over the 2nd floor balcony into the bed of Trucky.
And away we went! 

Now, home to do the mountain o' dishes!
How does stuff pile up so darned fast
when yer sick? 
It remains a great mystery of life!

This just in: Dishes are done - almost it was almost effortless!
Funny how sometimes mundane projects just seem to fly!
Other times it drags on forever!

Hope your weekend is shaping up!
Have a good one!


  1. Right - Coping skills are a big part of it!
    Just because we don't like some thing, or it's not perfect,
    we can still Get 'R Done!
    Anne, glad you glad you feel better.... don't overdo it!

    blogger is messed up btw - can't sign in

  2. The Never Ending Laundry....how many socks did you lose, lol.....good for you for coping skills for those panic attacks. have the rest of a good weekend, take care. hugs.

  3. So THAT'S what I need to learn... better problem solving/coping skills.
    Glad you have clean duds to wear... take it easy and get lots of rest, okay??

  4. Actually - back to work today!
    I'm not quite 100%.... but it's been a week
    and it's time. I'm at an acceptable 98-99%.
    It's hard to know when to step out of our comfort zone!

  5. I used to have to go to a laundrymat for many years! Where i live now has a washer/dryer and i don't know whether i'll ever be able to go back to the laundrymat :)
    I had to learn coping skills at work because whenever it got really busy and i'm running around i'd get what i figured was an anxiety attack. I figured out if i took deep breaths and held onto the counter it would pass. Which reminds me i haven't had those in a while!
    Glad you figured out how to deal with it.

  6. I can't say it was an Anxiety Attack....
    It was no where near that intense. Just a vague
    feeling of angst. Disguised as inconvenience.
    Of course I would rather be home.
    Of course the laundry mat sucks!

    But it's good to calm down, and learn to carry on!
    Refocus. Regroup. Fold the clothes and
    Get the FROCK out of there!
    The sooner we start, the sooner we'll be done!
    We could make a list of coping skill cliches!

  7. Oh, and "Panic! At The Disco"
    is the name of a Band!
    ;D ♪♬♫♬

  8. You are giving me hope that my laundry and dishes might get done today. No good excuse for me for letting them slide. Today it needs to get done. When I'm really awake.

  9. I have not been to a laundromat since college. And that one had a little counter set up that sold oversized cookies with gobs of frosting on them!

  10. I do the same thing - let the IDEA of the chore become more than it actually is, and like you with the dishes, am surprised when it really doesn't take that long to do...mental, I swear, even the physical things are mental.

    Glad you are feeling better!!!

  11. It's laundry for me today, too. Bed linens. Ugh!

  12. a touch o' life here, Anne
    laundry and dishes
    aftermath of being sick
    catching up
    the mundane

    best part was visions
    of throwing laundry
    over the balcony
    into trucky
    love that image

    oh yeah, also love
    the photo taken on the move
    relieves the boredom
    a little


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