07 February 2011

day 4 .5

Dear Blogging Peeps

an update

Thanks for everyone who checked on me during my sniffling phase.
Perhaps it was re re induction introduction flu.
Perhaps it was the real flu. I did have a very difficult case last week.
And worked almost every day between my two jobs.
And we did have one heck of a snow storm.... with more to come.
And more than 3 of those days had no heat... it was like 62 degrees INSIDE!

My Liquid Protein Fast is still going great. 
A little hunger. Made easier by a few bites of solid matter.
(I'm not purist - even in this!)
My neighbor, who is in some ways my biggest critic fan, came by. 
And looked at me and said "Ohhhh!" before I could even tell her 
about the fasting and The Twins. So the difference in just this many days 
is noticeable. My neighbors love my fat pictures all around the apartment.

I wanted to keep going on this phase, the liquid phase, until I have to stop. 
Maybe a week; maybe 10 days. I don't like to broadcast my plans 
because it feels like failure, or worse, if the plans have to change. 
Not that there's anything wrong with Bloggers who change alot; there's not.
But some things I can step out on, and feel comfortable with an announcement.

So as long as all check points are "go," then so am I.
I added the extra protein. That was a good idea.
And started taking the vitamin again.... just a good daily one.
Centrum in this case... nothing fancy or organic. Just simple. 
Centrum Silver because it won't cause heartburn, which I once had,
but not ever since going LoCarb. I haven't really taken a vitamin in over a year.
I also take a GNC vit B complex now that I don't live on Monster drinks.

I mentioned that I will reward myself for stopping the Monster Abuse
by getting some Beatles on iTunes.... which is bound to come in handy when I
take my drive to California. It's really just simple math. I take the $$ I once spent 
on 3 (or more, actually) Monsters a day. In one month, I could get the whole Anthology.

So the update is good, no? I am not so strong, but I am determined. 
It's like a learning phase to me. Thanks for coming along!

By the by - I am 5'2" and my last weight was 140. Before this fast.
Still in the over-weight category.  So no immediate danger 
of me falling off the egde of the metabolic earth!  For now!

who is that  :D

Thank You Kindly,
Anne H


  1. Hang in there, Anne. You sound like you are feeling a bit better. :)

  2. dang but those energy drinks are expensive!! i think spending that money on other treats is a stellar idea!

  3. Wouldn't miss your journey for the world! Sorry you haven't been feeling well but go you for the protein fasting. Sounds grrrrrreat!

  4. $$:D
    Indeed they are expensive.
    Love them, but.....
    With my vacation coming up,
    places to go and things to do,
    and mules to ride.....
    remember, this whole thing
    started about the time they said I was
    over the weight limit to ride a mule....
    at 230 pounds....

  5. Yep, your definitely sounds pretty feisty again :)

  6. You are inspiring me!! I just placed an order with netrition :) for some protein so I can get more seriously low carb.

    You seem much better today!

  7. Fantastic, Anne. There's nothing more powerful than great before-and-after shots.

    Glad you're feeling better.

  8. I want the BESTEST vacation for you, so do great and get that Anthology and we'll expect a VLOG of you singing to some cool Beatles tune. I am fond of "oooo waaaahhh oooo, do you wanna know a secret....." and "she's got a ticket to ride....she's got a ticket to ride...and she don't care.."...oh so many others.

    Go, Anne, go!

  9. Great plan, Anne! Sometimes a little shove in the right direction will get those last pounds moving off. Sounds like it's working for you.

  10. 62! That's considered summer here. lol Keep warm. Stay hydrated and get well.

    Your dedication inspires me. If you need some cheering on, holler.

  11. So glad to hear you are feeling better. And the liquid thing is working for you. I really like the way you are comfortable with making changes as needed, not stuck into a rigid routine. That's a quality I'm working on, flexibility. :-)

  12. Glad you're not falling off the edge of the earth. I'd miss you too much. Monster is brutally expensive, along with just about everything these days. Enjoy the $$ saved. You're a tough nursie.

  13. Glad you are feeling better! Where is this exciting vacation going to be?

  14. California, LA, Grand Canyon.
    Hiking and oceans and stars at night and mules and .....
    you know..... Thanks, y'all!

  15. Hope you are feeling better.

    We all do what we need to do to make things work. I firmly believe in tweaking plans to make them something that will work *and* be something I want to stick with.

  16. Good you are feeling better here. And also hope you still have not chomped down on that stethoscope or car keys or carmex; but is there carbs in carmex?

  17. Thanks - it's a mixed bag, isn't it?
    On one hand, I want to go easy.
    Regular pace, every-day effort.
    On the other hand, I want to go a little faster here....
    Go a little slower there..... tweaking it, like you said.

    I remember my days at University as a Music Major.
    Looking back at the commitment, and long hours, etc...
    You would think we were vexed! (we were!)
    But sometimes we work a little harder to achieve a milestone....
    Run a little faster when we get nearer the finish line.
    Not from insecurity, but from a place of True Desire and Motivation!
    Like preparing for a Junior Recital or a major concert event.

    Like a Honeymoon Phase in a Relationship....
    Certainly ya can't keep that intensity up throughout the marriage....
    But really, it's not expected that you would!
    [Unless, of course, ya just want to :D]

  18. You're taking good care of you. :)

  19. You're looking great! Pretty inspiring stuff. I'd love to learn to reward myself with music or clothes or a trip, but so often, I take a little weightloss as an excuse to eat something terrible for me. I need to take a hint from you.

  20. Just listen to your body Anne. You are doing so awesomely. Keep it up and you'll be more then just a little bit hot chick, you'll be a big time hot chick!!
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  21. We are the same height. I look forward to the day when I reach 140. Sounds like it is going better; glad you added in protein and are taking your vitamins.

  22. Sounds like you are doing great Anne!

  23. You have focus & purpose but what I love most about you is that you show us how kindness is the most important intention of all.

    Thanks for allowing us this peek into your world.

    Blessing for a great day.


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