10 February 2011

good things

I remember my vacation 2 years ago in March, '09...
They said I couldn't ride the mules in the Grand Canyon
because I was over the weight limit of 230 pounds. (link)
Well, mules, soon we shall meet again.
And this time, there are no restrictions.

And this lovely poppy field is a Poppy Preserve (link)
Where two mountain ranges meet.
Also California's State Flower!
It's a big old hill, just wanting to be climbed.
Maybe have some Yerba Mate tea once I reach the top!

And of course, I get to see my old friend the Pelican.
On the pier at the Ocean.
The picture that made me cry.
"Could that really be me?" I remember thinking.

And some new things! 
This is Joshua Tree National Park (link)
Since it's a National Park it's safe enough....
But no refund on account of bears, they said.
Oh yes, and the tickets to Wicked came today!
3rd row. 
What wonderful things are happening all over the place!

And a guy I helped sell his horse trailer for,
he is letting me borrow some of his camping gear.
So when I go to the Grand Canyon, 
I get to sleep in a tent, under the stars.
(Army, remember!)

All this excitement comes in March.
But/and there's plenty of excitement here now!

My second job is great.
My first job - loves me even more.
It's all happy happy joy joy 
all over the place.
AND it looks like I might just survive
The Fasting Phase of Pseudo-Induction!
Maybe even thrive a little.
It's been a full week.

Right now I feel all girlie and mushy and
kinda overwhelmed at all the kindness and
support from Blogland, too. Having that flu
maybe turned me into a Softie!  ;D

Thanks again! Hope Your day is wonderful!
And good things are happening to You!


  1. You haven't always been a softie? lol I swear your post almost made me tear up, knock that off lol. I've never been to the grand canyon, one of these days and I will ride a mule also for sure. Glad you're feeling better. 3rd row, that's wonderful.

  2. Ohhh, how exciting. When you go on a trip I feel like I am going with you, too. Can't wait.

    Glad that you are feeling better and that jobs are good and that all is well. Hope it continues to improve even more.

  3. It's going to be a virtual blast, tagging along on your vacation via photos! Can't wait... I can feel your excitement and anticipation. :-D

  4. Your excitement is contagious, Anne. I wish I were going with you. What a great adventure!

  5. Have a good day, Anne - and I'm looking forward to hearing about your California adventure soon! :)

  6. I cannot wait to read all about your trip! I've been thinking about your forced induction at the hand of the snow storm. I sort of feel the same way about giving up cream in my coffee - not that it's any thing in comparison to your AZ adventures in boiled eggs and beef jerky! It's like we both had no other choices, but the stuff we were sort of forced to give up? Turns out we could live without it.

  7. that trip sounds amazing!! I am so happy that you get to experiance it as the new you! you are going to have so much fun!

  8. Planning, doing, reflecting, adjusting, gratitude.
    Planning, doing, reflecting, adjusting, gratitude.
    Planning, doing, reflecting, adjusting, gratitude.

    Every post reminds me that is the game we are playing. It just seems so easy watching you do it. I know its not. That's why I admire you.
    What feeds me daily is your unending Gratitude and the love and gratitude of all who comment. I can't seem to start my day properly if I don't come here and say good morning All.

  9. woo hoo!!! maybe we can hook up at the Ocean, go to Venice beach or Santa Monica.... fun fun

  10. You've always been a sweet softie! And those mules wont even know you're ridin' em this time hehehe. I cant wait to read your posts while you are out there, sounds so exciting!!

  11. I love this post!! The photos, your excitement!! ((hugsss)) to you for making me smile today!!

  12. CAMPING!!!!! I love camping. I've already got three float trips on the books for this summer, YAY!
    I'm having a great day too, great days are such an amazing suprise sometimes, I just love them. Got a huge smile all day today and I'm glad you do too.

  13. Yeah, you've always been a softie. You've helped me out of a slump or two. Glad you are happy. You sure make us happy.

  14. When I saw the first photo with the donkeys I was instantly JEALOUS! But truthfully I would exceed the limit right now, myself. This post generated joy for my journey though, and I can't thank you enough for that!

  15. What did you write that for? Just joking! But you've triggered my day dreams of returning to USA.

    John and I agreed last night that we might never have another overseas trip. SAD but realistic. I wanna come camping with you. We went to Grand Canyon in 2005 and I never thought about riding the mules... I was thinking of the mules. I have a photo of a valley somewhere in the mountains of California, taken in May. The hillsides are a rainbow of wild flowers. I wanna see it.

    I wanna meet as many of my journalling and blogging friends as possible... so many things I want to do.

    Glad to hear you are recovering from the nasty flu.

    I wouldn't be here if I didn't love the way yu write and compose your posts with photos and cartoons. I'm joining your Admiration Society.


  16. Wow that trip sounds so exciting. I remember going through Garden of the Gods park in Colorado on horseback. It was terrifying! All the step ups and downs, the horses knew what they were doing but it took me a while to trust them. Mules are even more sure footed, right? Watch out for that pelican though-he can swallow you whole now!!

    Polar's Mom

  17. Beautiful pictures!

  18. One of my goals this year is to walk up and down the Grand Canyon. I have never been! So, am glad to read that you will be going. BTW: California poppies are my favorite flower, being I am from CA and all.

  19. pictures on this post make me happy
    poppies, mules at the GC, pelican,
    rocks at Joshua, you riding a deer
    a bunch of feel-good words and pictures
    thanks pal

    good about 3rd row tickets
    great about tent under stars
    fantastic about the mules
    hooray for March


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