15 February 2011

sign of the times

I think I need to get in shape.
It's not easy living as a Stick Person.
I never get to leave the sign.

I could sure do alot more, at any rate!
This is me when I was first put into service! Years ago. *sigh*n*

I've read all about what to do. I know what to do.
My friend is a Library Sign. She reads all day. Very knowledgeable!

It's just a matter of doing it!
Every day. Do some thing every day.

Hey - let's race!


Moving around can be fun!


There's all kinds of ways to sneak in getting some Fitness

Better keep these two signs separated!

And of course, eating right, and drinking lots of water.

Set a better example for people who
look up to me. Literally - look UP to me.

Quit teeter-tottering! No playing around.
Being stuck just isn't fun any more!

NO Going Back! Not this time!

None of that, either.

Time to get to work!

No longer a DEAD end! 
And every "end" is just another beginning!

If I had been given a mouth,
you would see a smile!
Thanks, Loretta, for letting me
play along for Toon Tuesday!
Hope every one is having a great day!


  1. Clever girl!
    Love Toon Tuesday!

  2. So interesting todays lesson #46 ... left me feeling like I was on a see-saw and here in toon town you are teeter-tottering!

    I love when that happens.

    I agree with XoXoXo you are a Clever girl.

  3. I saw a sign that I loved: Keep Moving. I wanted to stop and take a picture but it did say keep moving.

  4. Cool Anne. Loved this. Thanks for sharing. Take care, God Bless!!

  5. Super cute. Loved all the different signs, especially the bear :)

  6. Being a stick person is like shedding the identity and hiding among the masses without faces.

  7. Love Toon Tuesday...perserve - right, Anne? Hope you are having a great day too.

  8. Yes, indeed, running away from hungry bears is very good exercise!


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