04 February 2011

working hard

Monster Energy Drinks
Are good for me.... in moderation.
And by that, I mean less of them,
less often! They seem to have a better effect when 
I don't abuse them to death. Go figure!

Darn cold to be out with yer little sign

Fish or ASH - not sure
Same difference?

Not alot of sagging these days.... thank goodness!
My "before and now" face sagging picture.
I sure wish I had kept better records back then....

I've been thinking about changing my eating plan
a little.... tweaking changing it for the better...
Without a gallbladder, I don't handle the fats as well
at times... So I've been considering an alternate.
And knowing me, (and since I really don't)
[which, sadly, was the point] anyways - we'll see!

My second job went well this week.
Thank goodness! Too much time on my hands
helps feed the crazy brain - and it likes to ruminate!

The world looks black and white - but it's really color!

Are you staying warm?
Staying busy?
Ready for the Super Bowl?
I don't really keep up with baseball,
so I don't know.
Eye-rolling smile


  1. more details on the tweakage of the diet are in order mi'lady!!!

  2. Really? Well, I thought it would be bo-ring.
    So I left it off. I'm doing it this very day. (new plan)
    I feel like a True Blonde, changing my mind all the time!

  3. LOL. I'm not a sports fan either and I doubt any of us will be watching the super bowl. Hubby sleeps on Sundays to catch up from the week, plus he isn't a sports fan either. You probably wont believe it but I don't even know what teams are playing in the super bowl. LOL Have a great day, Anne.

  4. Oh Karen, it's the Steelers and Green Bay and I'm not a football fan but oh how I love the last game. We DVR it so we can fast forward through most of it but see the highlights.
    New plan, gotta hear about it Anne. I'm screwing up way to much this week, good thing I've been working out too since maybe I'll break even.
    Love the firm face. Keep it up Anne. Take care and God Bless!!

  5. now that you've de-cluttered
    and fixed up your place
    now that you're working two jobs
    what's next on your list?

    sometimes when I finish a project
    I slip back into slothfull habits
    for a while

    good luck changing your food plan
    I think I overdo it on fat
    so with great appreciation
    I expect to learn from you

  6. Ok, so what kind of diet changes are you going to make?

    Polar's Mom

  7. PB-- Next on my list is to Par-tay!
    So celebrate my weight-loss so far.
    I am meeting some bloggers from here and there....
    This month, in San Antonio, Austin, etc....
    Then next month in Los Angeles and all points in between!
    Then this Autumn..... (wait for it).....
    I am going to New York to see Wicked on Broadway!
    So that is going to be the next big thing for me!
    A Wicked Celebration!

  8. More details on the tweakage needed, Anne!

  9. STUNNING last photo! Love the no-wobble face pic! :o)

  10. More info on the tweaks, please. We can all use some new ideas.

  11. Tweakage... maybe, taking digestive supplements??

  12. LOL -- not keeping up with baseball!!

    Trying to stay warm. It's crazy cold and snowy in LR.

  13. We have not gotten the punch of winter most of the rest of teh country has. Glad your 2nd job went well and wish you well on changes. Mmmm. Ash. Wonder how many calories are in ash.

  14. Have to watch for the great commercials on Super Bowl Sunday even if you don't like football. I love both!

  15. Oh yes I am watching the Super Bowl and I love your plans especially seeing Wicked on Broadway, It is on my bucket list......you look great. Hugs

  16. Yeah I know my post was tough, probably uncomfortable to read, even for a hard worker like yourself! I think the cabin fever just frayed my tolerance for BS.

    As for Wicked, how fricking cool is that!!! I don't know anything about the new leads, but if they are even close to Kristen C and Idina M it will kick the doors down. Can't wait to hear your review!

    Polar's Mom

  17. tic tic tic tic...... KA BOOM!!!!

    ah, no?

  18. Staying warm, staying busy and I am ready for the Super Bowl..since my team isn't playing I am having to shout out...GO PACKERS!!!

  19. First I was surprised at your not having a gallbladder, then I read the comments and see you're going to NYC!!!! Woo-hoo for you! That is awesome, Anne. I'm thrilled for you.

    I'll be watching the commercials during the Super Bowl-- But it sure looks like it'll be a COLD game day. I can't believe your crazy weather. Yikes.

    Keep me posted your our timing for LA. I'm looking forward to see you.

    Happy weekend, xo jj

  20. It's going to be a great year kiddo!!
    I take my BP every morning as i have high BP, don't want to blow up :)

  21. What exactly happened with your gallbladder and when, if not too nosy?


  22. Gallbladder story-
    Typical choledocholithiasis!
    Gallstones in the common bile duct....
    Gave me the worst fit
    Because it hurt my liver AND pancreas!
    I was 38 and the did a Laproscopic.....
    4 little stab wounds.....
    But I was sick for about a year..... or more!

    And all because I went on a low fat diet....
    All that bile had no target to adhere to -
    So they said!


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