06 February 2011

protein fast today

Dear Blogging Peeps

an update

Today - this very day....
All is well, in a strangely wonderful way.
I took my blood sugar.... to be sure I wasn't going to faint off.
Strange I need a machine to tell me if I feel ok!
This very low calorie protein-fast experience /experiment is going well.
But then again, they all go well the first few days.
The problem is that some plans are not sustainable.
Unless you are a true Food Masochist. 
And I guess a bit of a Food Sadist at the same time,
since we inflict ourselves.

Like true fasting. That was hard for me. The longest I ever went 
was 21 days. Now, more like a week. Funny how life gets in the way.

I think an occasional fasting day (or days) is good physically - 
and emotionally - especially if you want to see where you really stand
with food.... All kinds of "stuff" comes up! Ego stuff. 
I started by just even skipping lunch.
(And boy, were my legs tired! hee hee)

Someone FaceBooked me a link on Protein Sparing Modified Fasting.
I just came to this conclusion on my own, that maybe too much fat was not
right for me at this time. And lots of people have Liquid Protein Diets - (link)
About half of my patients just have cans of formula. And they live for damn ever.

And lots of Bloggers, too. If they can endure all that! Boring, but effective.
I figure I have done much worse to myself, and I am learning
Frustration Tolerance as much as Weight Loss.... soo.......
It's all good.

I still have no hunger, and am getting things done by leaps and bounds.
Must be endorphins. I am in my Happy Place.
But I did borrow a page from that concept and upped my protein 
to 4, maybe 5 servings. In the almost complete absence of carbs and fat, 
I guess I could go a little higher on the protein.

In 3 days, I have probably lost a pound or two. The Girls are happy
(*ahem*) and not tired any more, and don't need to rest on the ledge.
They sometimes rest on the ledge. Pretty ample ledge.
Bra straps falling down all.day.long. (I'll take it, though!)
But since they are down from a 48DD to a 36C, I have no real complaints.
That is exactly the kind of progress I was looking for.
You can't exactly work The Twins out. What do they do, Push-Up (bra) ?
This is all about the last 10 pounds - the abdominal fat - visceral fat!
The kind that isn't like "regular" adipose tissue....

But, I digress.
My goal is to go for 4 days total. Because I like even numbers and 
feel too OCD to stop at 3. Although I would, if needed. 
So - Onward and downward!

By the way, Walk This Way - (hippie music for the day)
But please, don't do what I do. 
(I have to say that, in case someone thinks I am trying to corrupt them.)
Remember that I am a Zombie, and the same rules don't apply to me! 
Perchance. Although it truth, it's all good - and safe.

Yours Very Truly!
Anne H


  1. Good luck, Anne. I have a good feeling about your plan. It is very similar to what I was doing when I lost so much of my weight. However, eventually we need some carbs for brain power. Hang in there. :)

  2. I'm so impressed-I'd be clawing up the walls by now. Here's to great success!

    Polar's Mom

  3. I love that idea of just an occasional day here and there. You are clearly being careful and wise with the fasting. Interesting about the ego stuff coming up...I sure get that! All kinds of stuff comes up for me when I just stop overeating - it's amazing. Looking forward to hearing this through.

  4. You are a stronger person than I. Wishing you the best of luck and may your fast be finished fast.

  5. You are too funny! Zombie...LOL! Funny that you like evens...I like odds and numbers that are divisible by five.

    Have a Super day!

  6. Oh Boy, you are a strong woman!!!
    You Rock!!!



  7. Amazing the emotions that come up on a fasting program. It's really not about the food, is it?

  8. I have a term for my 48 yr old former 54DD's that are now 42 or 44 ish ?? D??

    Anyway, I call it 'liquid boob'. One of these days I'll write a post about it. Pour them into a molded cup bra and instant shape...

  9. oh dear, i was just in the process of finishing up a VERY long message to you on facebook all about protein shakes, weight loss, etc...and right as i was about to finish it up it was POOF gone. meh. evil mac. :/

    anyways, for the past 3ish years i've been having a protein shake for both breakfast and lunch almost every single day. it really helps me keep structure and my eating and the likelihood of me ever wanting seconds of a protein shake are pretty much zero, haha. no matter how tasty it might be, it's just not something that happens. :)


  10. Was your blood sugar healthy and not too low?? I am in awe of folks that can fast for days at a time. Alas, I could not!

  11. I knew it!! :-D PSMF!!!
    And we are just about the same bra size although I have to say finding a bra that FITS well and does its job effectively is one CONFOUNDING experience!! I keep reading how a professional fitting and the right bra can do wonders--maybe its time to splurge on the girls!?
    Keep the updates on the Weird Science experiment coming, for I too can be a Zombie. I rather like Zombies!


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