17 February 2011

an update

I posted today's post sooner than the "official" end of the protein fast.
But I've never been one to follow every rule anyways.
I started on a Thursday evening and these were on a Wednesday night!
One more day - one less day.... sometime I have to remind myself that it's about 
the trends and not each 1/10th of a pound.... which, for me, might just be the scale!

There is a place - the top half of my abdomen.
[Lower half, too. But that's expected.]
That is where the "stubborn" weight has been for me.
Right over the place where my gall-bladder once was.
That is why I am on a campaign to lose this visceral fat.
Why not try - after all this time, and weight loss, why not try?

So yeah, I lost an inch or two from there!
Much less on the trunk (not that trunk)
My skin feels "tighter."

So - to kind of summarize the past 2 weeks 
on the Protein Sparing Modified Fast:
I was only hungry a few times.
No legs cramps or any other physical problem.
No dizziness or loss of strength -
although with the flu - it's hard to tell....
No hair falling out - my nails are stronger, too!

It's a great way to break a plateau.
This is what some body builders use to get ready 
for a competition. Some people would call it a "crash diet"
but I don't see any crash effects. Even Atkins wrote that
Fat Fasts (etc) are a great way to start - or break a stall.

September 09 .....and..... Feb 11
6 months AFTER I started LoCarb and now.

Most people START a diet this way. 
So the results are more dramatic!

But people notice the difference in person!
I feel great - as in wonderful.
Definitely will be trying this again.... next time withOUT the flu!
There's only positive benefits (for me) and I can't see one negative aspect.

I have this area of adipose tissue/fat
that might always be part of who I am.
It might not ever go away completely.
I can accept that, too. Maybe it's kinda like this
nagging issue with self-doubt. It just comes over me
at times. I didn't use to have it and now I do.
I am learning to recognize it, and deal with it right away.
Once, it took weeks to overcome one thought.
Then, days. Now - just maybe a few moments.
I can't really avoid the triggers on that one - 
Everything is a trigger for that! Even blogging.
But now I can get back to being "ok"
without alot of pony tricks.

So yeah. It might be part of who or what I am now.
But nothing can stop me from trying to make a few changes
for the better around here!
So that's the Fasting News.
And I just now had an awesome salad!

Hope your night is great!


  1. You have done WONDERFULLY, Anne. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.:)

  2. Killa! You have slayed it.

    My body is hardly perfect after all the work. I keep on. Maybe I should try your fast trick.

  3. I am really happy this worked wonders for ya and you feel good and got rid of some fat. I can see better with the picture of you holding the pink outfit tighter. Need a smaller size, huh? :D

    Later, hugs...

  4. ;D Thanks!
    Might be time for new clothes altogether!
    Including "certain unmentionables!"

  5. I'm glad "only good things" happened. I agree with "Princess Dieter"... you need a smaller size!!

    Way to go Anne H.!!!!

  6. I think you should go shopping this weekend for mentionables AND unmentionables!!! Its been a while since the walmart trip eh? Love the cute vid, you crack me up!

  7. Love you...love the shirt!

    Glad only good things happened...you rock!

  8. Thank - that Rent shirt is like a XL and I wear a Medium....
    Makes me look sloppy and none too slender!
    Time to update. Off to Wally World. Maybe even Tar-Jay!

  9. Great job Anne. You held fast, did the job and have mega results to prove it. AWESOME!!!
    Now go shopping, relax and enjoy!!
    Take care and God Bless!!

  10. Anne...you look absolutely fantastic!! And I'm so glad that you're feeling so good.

    I'm happy to be back in blogland...I've missed you, too!

  11. You look fabulous!! Way to go!!!

  12. Ack, you look wonderful!! You are so awesome, Anne :) Congrats a million times over; you're such an inspiration!

  13. Love having this update
    Bravos and high fives
    makes so much sense
    what you're doing
    I wanna be like you

  14. Oh how I've missed your blog!!! :)

    So happy your fast went well!

    Thank you for sharing your vacation with us, GREAT pics!


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