26 February 2011


Ever been to Cabela's?

It is the biggest coolest outdoors store ever!
This picture doesn't even start to show it all.

Every thing a camper would ever need - right here.

A big display in the store - I mean big!

I think these pink boats might be in my future....
Who knows?

I never thought I would own a cool collection of
sports attire, either!
Be right back
I got all happy when I went into the sports store -
What is up with that?
Smile with tongue

I've heard talk of a Texas (and others) Bloggers Camping Out Meeting.
Could it be true?
Winking smile

Tell me - are you having a great day, or what?
Hope it is great for you!


  1. WE have a kayak like those pink ones... ours is orange.
    You look lovely in your sports clothes.
    YES... we have had a really lovely day... excellent weigh in, then off to the beach!

  2. I'd visit that store just to gawk at the Big Display, LOL!

  3. Yeah - a person could probably live in there
    Just camping out and eating all the food!

  4. We got one several years back. What we DON'T have is an REI. Whenever we travel to a city with one, my husband has to go.

  5. If there is such a gathering, I'm in!

  6. Now that is a cool store!!! Have a great day Anne!

  7. Love Cabelas.

    A couple of nice camping places for us bloggers:
    Huntsville state park with swimming, horse rental, hiking and canoeing.

    Inks lake state park with all of the above except horse rental.

    One is closer to Houston and the other closer to Austin.

  8. I do loooooove Cabelas! Makes me feel athletic just to go and look at all the gear. So cool!

  9. Never heard of Cabelas what a great tour! And whoever has the job of displaying all the gear...well they have the best job ever! I could camp out in that store for days.

  10. Oh, hubby has been shopping at Cabela's since it was a one-store only operation in Sydney, Nebraska. We are huge Cabela's fans!

    Love your sportswear--that's how I dress around here!

  11. I've ordered stuff from Cabela's online but never been to an actual store, looks like fun, glad it made you all happy. I need a hoodie like that *smile*. Hope you do get to go to a bloggers camping trip that would be super cool. I'm having a good weekend, YES!!!

  12. Great day? Yes! And even better since touching base with your enthusiasm! I worked for REI for a summer once.. OMG, employee discounts, 4-day (10 hr/day) work weeks with 3 days every week for camping and hiking... One of the best summers of my life! You brought it all back in a flash. Sweeeeet!

  13. Sports attire - it makes for good motivation. It's a good look for you, too.

    I have never been to that store! As much as I looooove REI, I know I'd love Cabela's. I have to see if there's one in Houston.

    Camping with other bloggers? Oh, yeah, I'm in.

  14. Cabela's is wonderful. Great shopping there. I love feeding the fish.

  15. IF, and that's a very big IF, I ever had a boat that require manual labor or move/row, I'd want a pink one :-)

    You're looking happy Anne. I'm pretty happy today too.

    xo jj

  16. Thanks y'all!
    And Kelly - it was your idea that I check them out!
    This one is near austin - on the way back from SanAntonio!
    Love It!

  17. Thanks Anne for your comment on my blog. I live well away from the earthquake zone so not affected, except emotionally - all of new Zealand is in shock. I used to live in Christchurch in my student days so I know the city well. It is completely devastated. Rescue efforts continue round the clock and teams have come to help from all over the world, including the USA for which we thank you.


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