23 February 2011

life doesn't suck

Today I had a great salad!
Lots of dressing. 

Later, pork rind nachos.
And a little sour cream with Mrs. Dash Chipotle seasoning in it.
It was just awesome! I just mixed the seasoning with some sour cream.
And added a little parmesen cheese.
Great for dipping pork rinds in!
This picture looks like a mess.... sorry!

Time to clean out the fridge!
I also roasted some onions and tomatoes.
I roasted alot, so I could have some for later.
They will be great on a plate of scrambled eggs.

I got alot done - shopping, blogging, and laundry.
I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom.
Cleaned out the Truck and just in general got ready for the week.
I have lots of energy. And not just the nervous kind!

I talked with a friend in real life - she told me someone made me the center
of a gossip scandal.....  since I've lost weight, and so far, kept it off,
people are different toward me.... And I'm sure I am different, too.
Maybe a little more confident. Less awkward. Much less shy.

Someone was giving away a backpack - cuz they got a new one.
So I inherited a great deal! Things are going great this week!
I think things are going great.
Like they say - "Life is good!"
At least I can say "Life doesn't suck!"

Hope your week is good!
At the very lest - I hope it doesn't suck!


  1. Love your post today, Anne. I never thought of the pork rind nachos before this. I will have to give that a try. However, I thought I would mention that you can buy plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream if you are watching the fat content in you meals. Greek yogurt is fat free and the plain is just like sour cream. I use it to make dip sometimes.

  2. I was amazed how much greek yogurt and sour cream taste the same, however, greek yogurt has a high carb count and sour cream does not. It is always one way or the other (high crab or high fat), never a happy medium! heehee

  3. Mrs. Dash Chipotle seasoning...sounds tasty. Will look for that. And, way to score with that backpack. Life is great.

  4. It must be in the air Anne! I woke up feeling life is GREAT! AND that was before a cup of joe!LOL!

    You've got me wanting pork rinds n' dip. Have you tried making the Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch dip w/pork rinds? Soooooo good! You know what's on my groc list for this weekend!!! YUMMO :0

  5. Your right life doesn't suck right now :)
    I love Mrs. Dash chipotle seasoning!

  6. the photo thumb for this blog post makes you look like a little tow-headed boy. :) Nice backpack!

  7. The center of a gossip scandal??! Sounds like she might be a tad bit jealous. Yay for skinny little blondes who keep it off eating pork rind nachos, LOL!

  8. Oooh, a lady of scandal ALREADY??? Better get a pair of red shoes to go with the reputation. ; )

    Mmmm. roasted onions. Mmmmmm. With eggs. Mmmmm.

    I'm hungry for some now.


  9. Peace Anne. You know what, for every action there is a reaction, right? You will definitely notice some people will treat you differently. Hey, maybe you better beef up this scandal...like you've won the lottery or something more devious. Gossip - who needs it?

    I agree Life Doesn't Suck.

  10. Hey, nice backpack. ;-)

    You? The center of a gossip scandal? No way. You're the sweetest thing since...sweet things.

    Pork rind nachos. I'm speechless but I'd be willing to try it.

    Please plan a camping adventure at Brazos Bend State Park. :D

  11. Yay to free backpacks!

    Gossip? About you? The sweetest Texan EVER! How can this be?

  12. I think I need to see a picture of those pork rind nachos!

  13. I had totally forgotten about pork rinds - thanks for the reminder.

  14. Pic of the Pork Rind Nachos - coming right up!
    First thing in the morning!

  15. gotta love the free-ness backpack action!!!
    I have yet to try the pork rind nachos but those sound good too. Spicy Ranch gives me indigestion though! blah!

  16. Really, though, you have to admit, life DOES suck great big green ones..... God almighty, does it ever suck!


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