07 February 2011

case of induction flu

By Jove it's some sort of Induction Flu!
Might be the Real Flu, but I doubt it...
Nurses hardly ever get sick....
Oh yeah, Swine Flu last year - that!

Hanging out on the couch, watching TV.
Old Black and White British Murder Most Foul.
Good stuff on a cold rainy day. Wish I had a kitten.
Need to Rent -A- Kitten.

Found a picture of the Glob of Grease that started it all.
Day 4.2 of the Protein Fast, and all is well.

And the broth with onion and garlic and parsley flakes.
And of course, cayenne pepper.
And this Soup Starter.... yum

Chicken and beef broth for a snack/meal.
Just like Mom would have made...
A Vlog of me in the wind (inside the apartment)
Thank You, Kindly.
Thanks for everyone who checked on me!


  1. Oh! Get Well Soon!

  2. So sorry you aren't feeling well, Anne. I hope it isn't really ANY flu as that can put you our for a while. Take care of yourself and feel better soon. Warm hugs. I have kittens you can borrow if you really want. They are snuggly warm babies who make you feel better instantly. :)

  3. Feel better soon Anne, stay warm, hope it is not the flu. hugs.

  4. Chlorhexidine - what?

  5. Feel better, this is day 4 (.2)! Cant last much longer....I hope! HUGS Anne!

  6. Feel better! And thanks for your concern for me, it's fine.

  7. GO AWAY (Induction Flu!), and leave our Annie ALONE!!!! Enjoy the broth and make more vlogs. I love your voice. LOOOVE IT! I wanna haer you raed bedtime stories to kids. I bet you're the bestest bedtime story reader.....!

    Anyway, stay warm, babe and be well...

  8. I had no idea you could get flu like symptoms from the induction!! Well kick it's ass to the curb Anne.

  9. Hope you are feeling better, Anne.

  10. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I like the rent-a-kitten idea :)

  11. "Rent-A-Kitten"....too funny! I see the flu hasn't affected your sense of humor :) Hope you feel better soon!!

  12. I was so hoping you weren't going to eat that spoon of powdery stuff. Makes me what to KACK like a cat with a hairball...

    Polar's Mom

  13. Hope you are feeling better, can you take Vit.C, I have to say Anne even with your diet and the flu you look great. I look like death warmed over with a cold. Take care/I care....:-)Hugs

  14. Nurses ought to never get sick. Get better! Eat something fun. :)


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