09 February 2011

day 6 + moving on up

Dear Blogging Peeps

An update

I am much better now,  and whatever that flu was, 
maybe it wasn't induction, but coincidence.
Sleeping about 20 hours a day... Aches and pains... runny nose.
The worst of it seems to be leaving me. Some variant of some virus, I'm sure.
Would have been on a broth diet all week anyways! And a little Protein doesn't hurt.
Broth and tons of water!

I took some good advice and got in the shower, and it helped
alot. I also took my couch time and planned out my upcoming trip
to California. I like to go every Spring. I keep myself on a moderate
budget and then get a couple of treats. Wicked in LA, being one of them!

This year I have a yearning - yes a yearning - to go camping!
I haven't yearned for anything for a long time. I thought that part of me
was gone. The part that yearns. Guess not!

Oh what fun it is to blog all day!
Sit lay on the couch and watch "Induction" over and over-
in kinda a daze sleepiness and lethargy.....
Didn't go to the Doc, so no "Special" Trippin' Cough Syrup.
Never have had any of that since high school.

Now I'm off to do the laundry and dishes and all.
Wish I had a s/o to bring me some broth and stuff.
So I go get it myself. At least my energy is coming back.

Snow and sleep and sleet here.... a good day for watching the reindeer games
from indoors. Listening in the quiet to the melancholy wind.

Hope your day is all that!
Thank You Kindly,
Anne H

ps. I don't think of myself as a "good writer,"
but do I hope these letters and posts have enough of a "flow"
so you don't get bogged down.... thanks for reading and checking up on me!


  1. Your blogs are always a joy to read, Anne. Don't sweat it! I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope you are back to yourself soon. Camping sounds fun. I wouldn't mind doing a bit of that myself when the weather gets warmer.

  2. hmmm, Snow and sleep and sleet... those arent the 3 S's I was taught.

    Glad to hear feeling better is here for you.

  3. Yeah, well, I did that too. But I didn't shave!

  4. Fabulous to yearn. Its hard to really want to do anything unhappily overweight. Your yearning has returned - wonderful news!

  5. I think you are a great writer - I love to read your blog.
    I would have thought you were at least an English Major.
    And you ARE a writer. It "flows" just fine, Anne!

  6. Dawn - I didn't ever think I would yearn for the Great Outdoors!
    All those road marches and bivouac had taken the joy away from
    camping.... or so I thought. You are right, though. I feel better
    physically and ready to explore my new little corner of the world.

    Anon - Thanks - I'm blushing here!

  7. Can't believe all this nasty weather you are getting! Hope you are feeling a little better today and recover quickly. Like your blog very much.

  8. I was just thinking that I wanna visit California, Anne :)))) I haven't gone camping in forever and it is indeed so fun! And I love your writing. Feel better, Anne. Love, me.

  9. I'm gonna visit NYC next in November!
    Y'all better start getting ready for me!
    Thanks for the well wishes.... I napped all day long!

  10. I'm glad you're better.

    Even though I spend a lot of the summer in the wilderness, I am not a camper. If we move back to Portland, I'm going to have to learn. :-O

  11. Going to California...nice! Glad you are feeling better.

  12. Not till March, eh?
    Got other Wickeds to see in the mean while!

  13. Sounds like your body wants/needs to rest up. :-)
    Glad you are starting to perk up.
    Camping... ahh, the memories. (and they can stay there, ha ha ha)

  14. Glad you got over the hump today!

    Polar's Mom

  15. Sounds like your on the mend!! And i love your writing even when your not sure what your saying:)

  16. Glad you are feeling better. I loved camping in the Sierras...beautiful.

  17. We've been camping once...and loved it! We keep saying "someday"...well, the "someday" came for quite a few things in the last 3 months so I'm optimistic "someday" will arrive this summer for camping. Of course my teenage daughter thinks she is going to HATE it. WE SHALL SEE!

  18. The trip sounds divine!!

  19. Oh camping, how I can't wait for it to get nice enough to go and this year 9 days in the BWCA. And to think I will have no problems keeping up, I will be able to swim in a suit and not feel like a beached whale, I'll be strong enough to carry my own canoe more then a couple rods.
    Keep getting better Anne and I'm so glad you're planning your get away. Vacations, such a treat.
    Take care Anne. God Bless!!

  20. Yaaa to feeling better...long may it last.
    Camping? Ahhh rather you than me... where would I plug in my compter and microwave oven???

  21. "Yearning to go camping"???? Are you sure you don't still have a fever :-)

    Glad you're on the mend. xo jj


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