25 February 2011

Splenda - the other good witch

Splenda and Brown Sugar..
Half the carbs of sugar because it is mixed 
half and half with brown sugar! (yikes!)
Watch the Serving size!
1/2 a teaspoon is not a realistic serving size,
and not a great trade-off for 2 carbs!
[Which come from the brown sugar!]

Splenda is a wonderful thing.
If you like that kind of thing.

But it's hard to find the Low-down on it.
I'm fittin' to come break it down for you!

Splenda is 600 times sweeter than sugar.
600 times!
So one little grain of the stuff, is like 600 grains of sugar.
In fact, one little grain would be enough for alot of dishes.
But you can't just serve up one little grain!
[You could, but you would probably not like it.]
So the Delivery System for Splenda 
is where the confusion factors in.

That is why they have Liquid Splenda, and drops ($), and packets.
The packets are great but they have a carrier - a modifier in them.
Again, because you can't just serve up one little grain.
And by "grain," I mean a little tiny speck of product.
Not the real "medical measurement 'grain.'"
1.6479 milligrams. Not that kind of grain.

But, I digress.
A word about Artificial Sweeteners:

People talk about the evils of artificial sweeteners.

And talk about how "natural" sugar is.

Well, ok.

There are other sweeteners that are truly natural, and organic.

Table Sugar is uber-processed and probably not one of them.

And for some, artificial sweeteners have a place.

The table or the trash can,

that's up to each person!


The boring, but super reliable Cottage Cheese.
Not made in cottages, really.
And you don't have to live in one to eat it.
But it would be nice, wouldn't it!
I put little flakes of chives or parsley on it
to make it pretty. 
And so I won't feel like I woke up in a 1950's diet nightmare!

More Atonement Soup!
People ate the first batch up!
This has extra hot sauce in it...
double yummy for a rainy cold day
or a dark night of the Soul...
Hope your day is wonderful - 
with every person place and thing you see
gently reminding you of how much you are loved!


  1. You can buy cottage cheese with chives already added here!
    I don't like cottage cheese much, I have eaten far too much of the stuff over the years on one diet or another.
    It just makes me gag now.

    I am over the 'professionals' telling us this/that and the other thing is 'bad' for us.... hell if you were to believe everything you read we would all have to starve.... or eat raw veges. pffffft.

  2. On the one hand, I LOVE cottage cheese...plain, with chives, with prawns, mmmmmm love the stuff. My downfall was I also loved chocolate.
    Sticking with the cottage cheese these days

  3. Or grubs!
    Be careful who you listen to -
    You might end up being miserable!

  4. I love cottage cheese. Yummy. Those old fashioned diet plates, hamburger patty, cling peaches and cottage chese? YUMMY. lol I'm probably the only one who feels that way.

    Ah, sweetener. Just when I was going to give up Splenda and switch to Stevia, the supposed healthier sweetener, I learned that Stevia is very high in oxalate and a big no-no for me. So what's a girl to do--I indulge in a touch of Splenda now and again. I'm not a big sweet eater, so I'm not too worried about it.

  5. I'm curious about the carrier in the packets of Splenda. If you know about it, pls spill the beans. I use it... 2-6 packets every day. Any recommendations? You seem to keep up with the medical implications of these things more than I do.

    Cottage cheese I love. I mix equal parts with home-made apple sauce, organic flax meal, dried cranberries and a few oven-roasted slivered almonds. Makes a wonderful and filling lunch for me!

  6. Here's a link!
    This is about liquid splenda and the carriers used in packets of Splenda.
    And why they have hidden carbs... Dextrose and Maltodextrin - Sugar!
    I myself use liquid - from Netrition - DaVinci brand! But not so much any more. I like the stevia products - but just don't use too much of that, either. Most of my artificially sweet stuff comes ready made, sorry to say.
    And Coca-Cola just come out with a coke product made with Splenda!

  7. I use honey for most of my sweetening. Just more natural and better for you. Artificial sweetners might have less calories and all but still artificial. White sugar so processed but at least more natural. Oh well, it to each their own. Other then baking I don't use much anyways.
    Take care Anne (got it right today) and have a blessed day.

  8. I had an email conversation with another blogger recently about artificial sweeteners. She and I use them but have noticed how many other people avoid them. I have actually started trying some new ones since I ingest an awful lot of splenda each day. Yep, got that brown stuff too. Yep, saw that little serving size.

  9. The soup looks WONDERFUL. I have never used splenda but I do use artificial sweeteners all the time. It is hard to low carb or diet without them. I don't seem to have any after effects from any of them.

  10. I want to swing by and thank you for the comments, etc. on my blog over the weeks. I have been meaning to stop by your blog and now I am finally doing it! :) I appreciate your journey and how you spread awareness with your facts. Love it! :) Keep on keeping on, I will add you to my blog roll and get up to speed with your journey, I am sure I have much to learn from you. Janelle

  11. You make learning fun!

    Not to mention you are the sweetest!

  12. How do you like honey??

    Cottage cheese is not my fav; too much like soured milk!

  13. I bet grubs are hella' low carb anne. LOL! icky!!!
    I have to go back and get your recipe for the atonement soup, I meant to try that and your pic here makes me wanna make it!
    Im like you, my artificial sweeteners come already IN producs--yeah drinks right!? haha. I rarely if ever add a packet of splenda to anything at all, unless Im making the flax muffins. And cottage cheese--meh! I prefer ricotta :-D

  14. Thanks for the info and link, Anne!

  15. Can't stand cottage cheese and (for me) life would be so bland w/out alternative sweetners!!!! That's where "moderation" comes into play for me, with the artif sweetners.

  16. Wish I liked cottage cheese. Trying to use more stevia but I prefer the taste of splenda. Or is it spuh-lenda, the good witch. With a spuh .

  17. Sorry I don't like cottage cheese and it does have a lot of sodium!! I have to admit I still use sweeteners but I do have plans to use less.


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