17 February 2011


And the new set of numbers!

size 48 men's jeans........... size 32 men's jeans
size 24 women's blouse.............size 14 women's blouse
size 48dd you-know-what....................... size 36c for the twins

Starting weight = 145 - 140  range.....
scale never said the same number
two times in a row....
Now -  138 - 142
And at 5'2" - you could hardly think I'm "done!"

Protein Sparing Modified Fast
Bought an e*book by Lyle McDonald
Here's a link to Body Recompositions.
He's a great guy, and excellent writer.
And really discussed the details of the fast.
I judged my protein needs too low;
this info really helped!
And I feel great from the fast.
Which I started 2 weeks ago,
when I saw a big old glob of grease
after I cooked my hamburger.
And I wondered if cutting back on fat
*even for a while*
might help to break my stall!
*it did*

Of course, I was sick with the flu.
So it could have gone either way.
And no, the Fast did not cause the flu!

grey is 2/5 - pink is 2/15

Not  easy to tell in different clothes....
But losing the weight is not really the issue - 
Any one of us can do that! That seems to be
the easy part.

The real question is: will it have been a temporary
loss, or will it be more long term?
I know I will do my part. Will this plan "backfire" somehow?
That is the question. Do these "jump-starts" really work?

Next is a "refeed" where you go back to regular food.
In my case, LoCarb... and it won't be much of a
transition, because I've already had a few meals, and broths.

Yay! So far, so good!
So I give the Protein fast two thumbs way up!
Hope your day is great!


  1. It is hard to tell in different clothes (though I love that pink!), but the measurements tell the story!

    Are you gonna be buying extra lean ground beef now? ; )

  2. High Five, Anne! You look terrific and I'm so glad you're feeling good.
    xo jj

  3. 38-34-38...that's an hourglass figure, girl!

  4. what great numbers Anne. I think you definitely look thinner. Glad to hear it went good for you.

  5. Brilliant - The different is clear and as you've always said..the numbers tell it.
    I agree - the losing is the easier bit - Its the keeping it off. For the first time ever I'm optimistic because of this blogging world for the mix of accountability and support.
    Well done!

  6. I can see a noticeable difference in just above your waist. You did it, Anne, and you did it well! Good job sticking to it, even with the flu.

    It makes sense that lowering fat would help. The body turns to its own reserves, so practically you are still eating high fat, just getting the fat from the internal source.

  7. The difference is small, but/and you can tell an inch or so
    just above my waist. Which was my goal.

    I haven't even thought about a hamburger in soooooo long!
    But yeah - extra lean is the way to go - I know that now.

  8. You look great Anne. I agree, it seems losing the weight is the easier part. The harder part is going to be keeping it off. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

  9. Thanks!
    And yeah - Keeping it off AND still losing.....
    I am nowhere near Maintenance Phase yet...
    Maybe just Pre!
    I want to add more physical things this next year.
    (Next month is my 2 year anniversary!)

  10. You completely deserve the results you got. Amazing.

  11. WTG, Anne! You are looking so trim and fit and I'm so glad you are feeling better from the flu too. Those scrubs look great on you.

  12. One day at a time and here you are coming up on two years. That's the more impressive measurement...the power of your word.

    Your commitment is truly inspirational.

  13. congrats and thanks for posting what you have been doing! The measurements are so impressive too.

  14. I'm so glad it worked for you!! You look awesome, but then again you always did :)

  15. WTG Anne. Impressive! Congratulations.

  16. I def. see the diff. (like my shorthand?) hhehe yep, its obvious!!!! so will you be trying to keep the fat lower now? Or no?

  17. Maybe only on average.
    Like 2 days a week protein fast day.
    Or one week a month.
    The rest of the time - it's just too Spartan!
    And you know me an da Bacon. *sigh*

  18. Holy tamoley! You're a rockstar!

  19. Congrats on the positive results of your "experiment."

    I am 2 in. taller than you and the same weight. Losing ANYTHING at this point is really difficult. It's nice to know that the protein fast is just another option I haven't yet tried.

  20. Very interested in seeing where you go from here. I'm glad you didn't lose your hair (lol). I love your hair. Besides, I think it would take a lot longer :)

  21. It was interesting to see how it turned out. Sounds like good progress!

  22. Good that you tried this
    Good that you're satisfied with the results
    Good that you wear pink
    Good that you are you!

  23. Lyle has some really incredible information! So interesting that you found your diet there. I'm glad you made it through!


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