15 February 2011

small towns in the city

Driving around another small town yesterday - 
the old part.... but it's not so small any more!

Fred Flinstone carts cross here

GPS must be off today.....
This can't be right, can it?
"Road closed for maintenance!"

Eat Me! The other sign said
"Welcome To Your New Addiction"

She was out there all day!

Sorry - No Refunds!

No ice cream truck - just this guy
ringing his little bell!

If you need a flu shot, but don't have $10
I will send you some germs
(Just kidding, of course)

 The Protein Sparing Modified Fast
is going well. Two weeks ends Thursday pm.
Then it will be time to do the numbers!

Hope your day is all that! 
And a bag of Pork Rinds!


  1. What a deal on that $9.99 flu shot! And may I say that your face is looking thin, my dear. :)

  2. Great and interesting photos today, Anne. I'm curious though... what is up with fish tacos? Am I the only one who thinks they sound gross?

  3. RC Cola! That brought back a flood of memories from childhood visits to my Kentucky grandfather. That was one determined picketer, eh? I would say by the looks of your face, your protein fast has been working. (Oh, ok, maybe the flu helped.)

  4. Did you ask her about her eye surgery? :-)

  5. Your numbers are going to be very good - it shows in your photo!
    Cant wait to read just how good

  6. I am also seeing a finely honed face. Can't wait for the numbers.

  7. What are those strange red blobby things in that tree?

  8. My face was never my problem area!
    And those things in the tree?
    Yesterday's Valentine's Day Balloons!

  9. Reminds me of the town I am from in Indiana......okay and some of the off the beaten path roads around where I live in TN now too! lol Great pics!

  10. Wow. You are looking AMAZING! Look at those lovely cheek bones! HOLLA!

  11. I am big fan of fish, but I can't get my mind around fish tacos. It does not work for me.

    Love the pics! Have a great tomorrow!

  12. Hubby says, "welcome to your new addiction" when he's about to tattoo someone who has no tattoos. More often than not it pans out as true!! I dunno if I could become addicted to fish tacos though. Maybe the batter, and the taco shell--those cause addiction!

  13. Your face is looking thinner...
    What do your clothes tell you
    about your tummy?

    We're all on pins and needles
    waiting for the numbers!


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