08 February 2011

height and wait

Dear Blogging Peeps

an update 
day 5 and some change.

Isn't that odd (no pun intended) that I started my Liquid Protein Fast 
in the middle of a day? My mind said "Start Over Right Now" 
instead of waiting till the next day.

That's a NSV (non-scale victory) for sure!  
We don't have to have a new day to have a new start.

Well, the Flu is finally leaving me.  I guess there wasn't enough junk 
for the poor little germs to eat in my body! 

Some people are worried or concerned (or whatever) about the pace
that I am going through this Liquid Protein Diet Phase.
I 'd say it was dumb luck for sure to get the flu at the same time!
That didn't sound right. It's not that I wanted the flu. It sucks to be sick!
Work-wise, it's pretty expensive for me to miss.  I work PRN for an agency, 
if you didn't know. So I work when there are cases, and take off when times are slow. 
And right now, we are very busy, but I've had to say "No!"

Here's a Nursing joke for you. 
Do you know what PRN stand for?
Plenty of Rest for the Nurses!
Mwah haahaa!

But, I digress. Yes.  The "fast" pace of the Liquid Protein Fast.
I am only 5'2". And weigh in still at a hefty 140 pounds! 
(157cm and 63 kg. That's 10 stone, as well)
That is a wee bit above my Army weight.  I'm still in the overweight category!
Sure, I'm muscle-bound (not!)  But no one can call me skinny. 
I've been in this 5 pound range since May 2010. So it's not a sudden change, 
either! Medically speaking, I'm giving my body lots of time to adjust.

For a "real" lady-chick girlie-girl who is 5'2" the "normal" 
weight range is 105 to 135. Depending on who you ask.  

In high school, I was 128. It never, ever changed. I wore size 28 jeans. 
I was put ahead a few years. They would have let me skip altogether, 
but my Mother said no. She said I had to drive myself to college.
Well poo. I ended up walking, at any rate! Point is, I didn't enter puberty till
my Junior year of High School. So my weight really stayed the same.
I was not an over-weight child. (Not skinny, either, eh?)

My current goal was never to be one of those "small" ladies. That's just not me. 
I would faint for sure! In the Army, my Instructors said I looked like 
an off-season weight-lifter. (At 134.) I guess that's a good description! 

So yeah. Day 5+ and I feel great and happy and ready to go!
I still have 4 or 5 protein shakes a day. Each about 25 grams of protein.
I buy all my protein at Netrition. In 10 pound boxes. Lasts most of a year!
A big box like that is about $75 bones. And has over 150 servings.
So at 50 cents a hit, it's do-able. Even at 4 shakes a day. 
That's about two bucks, plus a mixer. That's around $100 a month.

The proteins are complete, too. Many people live for many years
on liquid protein alone. That's not my goal; those people are sick,
or impaired, or unable to swallow, etc. And lots more people use a 
Protein Supplement every day.... Ensure is like a liquid vitamin for old people!
I can see myself having at least one protein shake a day - every day -
for ever. It's not organic, but it is convenient! And when done right, it is
a safe meal replacement..... not just a supplement.
You have to know what you are doing..... but that could be said of ANY plan.

I mix a concentrated whey (for 4 hour hunger control)  with an 
isolated whey (more immediate.) All my mixes are Vanilla, and LoCarb. 
I mix them with Diet Ginger Ale, or Diet Sprite or something like that. 
[Diet Rite brand uses Splenda. Most others use aspartame....]
I pick a neutral base flavor.  Never water - that tastes yukky!
Then add all kinds of flavorings/ food-grade extracts:
✭Cherry Lime.
✭Orange. Peach.
✭Almond Cherry.
✭Coffee with cream.
✭Lemon Lime.
✭Chai Latte.
✭Ginger Lime.
✭Diet RootBeer.  Diet Dr Pepper.
✭Cream Soda. Diet anything!
You can add a pinch of any SF kool-aid/ Crystal Light too. 
That really opens up the flavors -
Strawberry. Kiwi. Grape. Lemonade. Punch. Raspberry. Watermelon.
Apple. Pina~Colada. Mango. Etc. Etc.

And of course, don't forget about the DaVinci sugar-free flavored syrups!
Banana, Strawberry, Amaretto, Irish Cream, they have like almost a 
million flavors. Almost. All made with Splenda.

How about chocolate with peppermint! One of my faves.

This list could go on, like Forest Gump!

Hope your day is wonderful!
Thanks for reading! Thanks for your feedback and support!
Thank You, Kindly!

Anne H


  1. Thanks for the update!! You do seem a lot better...and I hope you dont believe the adjective "hefty" when describing 140, even at your height! Which by the way is a good 2 inches more than moi! hehehe

  2. Good luck with the liquid protein plan. Sounds like good one. I had to do that for a few weeks after surgery. I've done it a few times since then but still get hungry for real food. Hang in there. :)

  3. You ARE right we don't need a new day to make a new start - but starting mid day is a real achievement. Turning a day around..what a success x

  4. You're a big girl (NOT literally) and you know what you're doing. You know to be safe and you'll know when to stop. Thumbs Up!

    Question: maybe I didn't missed the post in which you talked about it - why are you doing a liquid protein fast (hope you don't me askin')? What got your mind going in that direction? Are you doing it for a specific amount of time or just until you feel the need to stop?

  5. I meant "maybe I missed" the post....


  6. I'm glad you sound so much better!

  7. Thanks for the LUV, Y'all!
    And Lucy - Yes, I am doing a Liquid Protein Fast.
    This is day 5+ and I intend to keep going till
    the cows come home. Or until I get hungry.
    Not hungry yet. I love my protein shakes.

  8. Glad your feeling better Anne, I know nothing of these protein shakes. sounds interesting though. have a great week.

  9. Au contraire mon ami!
    I gave those up..... for now!

  10. Been away a few days, so I am just learning about this. Good luck, Anne. I hope it will work for you. It's not a path I'd choose, but we are all different and if this does you good, that's great. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

  11. Sounds like you are doing good. Glad your flu is over, or whatever it was.

    I wouldn't say "hefty" either! In fact I was thinking how thin your face looks latley!

    I thought about you today, when on the news came footage of a plant that makes... Monster drinks! IT WAS IN FLAMES... did you have something to do with that? So you wouldn't be tempted you just burned the place down? :)

  12. Well i'm glad your sounding a lot chipper :)

    I always take a granny protein drink to work, we don't have much time for breaks and it keeps me satisfied!

  13. The last thing anyone should do is tell a nurse what diet is best for her body! Whatever works for you, keeps you happy and sane, is awesome in my book. It takes all kinds of plans to succeed in weight loss-you do your thing, girl.

    Polar's Mom

  14. Glad you are feeling better!
    Would you say that these shakes are equivalent to the expensive Medi-fast shakes? As far as nutrition for a meal replacement?

  15. I would indeed say that,
    and my next post deals with that directly!
    Great minds think alike, eh?

  16. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Da Vinci syrups. I have about 7 of them....love to add to the occasional protein pudding low carb dessert, to ice slushies...mmmmm...cherry! Mmmm..egg nog in Almond Breeze. Mmmmm.....

    Glad you're better. Make it to your fighting weight, babe!

  17. Glad you're feeling better. Good luck on the fast. Work it! My sis in law just got her 1st nursing job today

  18. Where are them cows comin' from, my friend? I trust you, Anne, being a nurse and all :)

    BTW, I don't think you look hefty either. You look pretty damn good.

  19. You sound a lot more chipper!!! Yay!!!

  20. Hey, thanks for the info on what proteins you are mixing. After my 9-month liquid fast 20 years ago, don't think I could do it again for more than a day or two, but you've done all the research for me on what to use if I need a shake-up to get the weight moving off again. Thanks. Eager to here more and to see how you are doing in days to come.

  21. Great that you are feeling better. I agree getting the flu at the same time as this diet change was just a fluke. Hope it stays away for good.

    I know I could never handle a liquid diet myself but it sounds like you've got this one under control and are doing okay with it. Love hat you started mid-day too :-)

    Keep up the good work and stay healthy! xo jj


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