06 February 2011

eat less - move more

More hot - less cold....
Finding the "right spot"
That's not just comfortable, but also effective.

One foot on the gas.... One foot on the brake....
That's no way to get to where you want to go!

You wouldn't wear 3 coats and sweaters in summer -
It would take too much energy to cool off!
Even if you did sit under the AC all day, 
there still is a better way.

Balance and adjustment is a good plan!
Sometimes it's a kind of balance that seems
out-of-balance..... maybe that's how all new habits feel
when we first try them out... maybe a little resistance?

Yet, we still want to eat anything and everything we want.
And try to make up for it with more walking, etc.

That's like trying to save money
While you are spending it just as fast...
at the very same time!

I am amazed, dazed, and confused
as to how much I was overeating before.
Not just what kinds of food, but the amount of food!

I was certain I would starve to death in one afternoon.
If my stomach even growled one time,
I fed it enough to last it a week.

And the small amount of intentional work-out movement 
I was getting every day. Walking like that - 
Old ladies were passing me up - left and right!
Not a good balance for lose weight.

Now that I am in menopause 5 years (tmi, sorry)
[After my Near Death Experience it all just kinda stopped.]
I found that I need even less food and more exercise
than I previously thought!

And now that I've lost all this weight,
it's even less food and more moving around.

Giving the P90X a wee little try again....
I am not yet strong enough to go through it all....
Not yet, that is. Not yet.

I wasn't actually born with a silver coated spoon....
I just use one for "lip-sinking" when I make the "Rock Star" face...

Hoping your day is special and sweet and balanced!


  1. Wishing you a good day too, Anne. I could use some balance today. :)

  2. My protein fast is still going strong.
    I actually feel good - even great!
    And good things are happening to me and my girls.

  3. when you say "girls", are u talkin 'bout yer hooters?! heheh Im just guessing, I dont know! And I like your rockstar face!

  4. Very interesting post, and boy, do we need to read this right now. Here in our little hippie house we have started eating much less. Paying attention to calories more than we had done in the past. I am still at the place that I want to eat something when my stomach growls. Right now I am just trying to find other things to think about and stay busy. Bummer.

  5. Ok, if I read that a certain way of eating is making my friend's hooters nicer it apparently motivates me to go Google-crazy! Is what you are doing something like "PSMF" Protein Sparing Modified Fast (Gosh I just had a flash-back to my Meyers-Briggs test--INFP, INFP!)??
    Vedddy Interesting.....Im curious to know how it goes, transitioning from generic locarb to this, as you mentioned in previous posts because of the fat consumption being restricted!
    Me and my hooters will stay tuned! :-D

  6. Funny - I was just this minute getting an update post ready.....
    Exactly - PSMF!
    Film at eleven. (jk)

  7. You are strong! When I try to do "all shakes" for a day, even every 2 hours, I flip out and break down. I get 100+g of protein a day so I am not starving @@.

    And BTW you look freaking amazing!

  8. Totally agree = eat less move more..In my case....eat a lot less, move a lot more. Its about balance isn't it.
    Your photo - with the weights - gotto say you look amazing - you look skinny! In the nicest complimentary way. Fabulous.

  9. Sorry - I thought you said "Spam!"
    And I was like - Cool! I'll be right there!


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