05 February 2011

fat intake

Dearest Blogging Peeps

The Protein Fast Continues!
With wonderful success.
By that, I mean I didn't eat anything like 
my stethoscope or car keys or carmex...
Day 2 and some change.

If you don't eat carbs, and you cut back on fat,
The only thing left is protein! Choices, choices.
In a way, it's like new territory.
More severe than induction - 
I even have a runny doze. (nose)
Not hungry, though. 
So that's good.

I never said I was on Atkins.....
or anything else with an actual name.
*stamps foot*
I once blogged "It's not Atkins per se!"
Atkins is not Low-Carb as much as it is High-Fat.
Atkins is a Ketogenic Diet. Especially in Induction.

And how I do love my Ketones! It mimics being in Love.
I heard that somewhere. Anyways.

I was stricken (is that a word?) by a big glob of grease just the other day.
It was like 60 grams of pure fat that came out of this hamburger I made.
My George Forman Grill got hurt, so I went back to a skillet.
And there was all this freaking grease!

My mind said - "What the hell?
JC - I am never gonna have babies with you!"
Kidd Kraddick style! From back when he did the Kinsey skits. Love that guy.

So the question that remains is this:
At a certain point, does ketosis continue to come from dietary intake?
Or does it continue to come from the breakdown of stored fat?
THAT, my pretty, is the question.
Or, for the last 10 pounds, does exercise play a more important role?

But yes, Low Fat WITH Low Carb is hard. A Protein Fast.
This diet is hard, and it's only meant to be followed for a short time.
I should clarify this - it's a liquid protein diet...
3 shakes a day, nothing else..... 
except for a bite or two of this or that, now and again...
2 grams of carbs x 3 = 6 total
2 grams of fat x 3 = 6 total
25 grams of protein x 3 = 75 total

Try it, and come back and tell me how you liked it.
Actually, you probably shouldn't try it - it's vexed!
Back so soon? Good!
And the verdict?
That it is hard, and not very easy.
But will it be worth it - that is the question!

Yours truly,
Anne H
Who can't upload a picture right now, to save my life!


  1. I did low fat low carb for two years but now I'm trying Allan's plan and am getting more carbs than I ever have. We will see how it goes. I'm also getting more fiber than I ever have. Good luck with the changes, Anne. :)

  2. I am amazed at your dedication!

  3. Thanks, y'all!
    I even surprise myself at times!

  4. I admire your dedication, too. I've never been able to do the Slim-Fast or anything else resembling a liquid diet. Well, maybe for a couple of days. I will like to see how you come along.

  5. This is a mix of Concentrated Whey and
    Isolated Whey.... I mix it with a diet Ginger Ale or
    Diet 7 up or something... just not water.... yuk!

  6. I've read that changes can shake things up... so this might be the trick. :-)

    LoCarb PLUS LoFat? Yeah, that would be hard! I wish you the best. You are not a guinea pig... you are a Test Pilot. ;-)

  7. Wow, this sounds really, uh, drastic! Once again, you amaze me. Good luck!

  8. I dont wanna try!!! eeekkers....but as I said, Weird Science--ya never know whats gonna do the trick until you do it. So keep the updates comin!

  9. Yeah, very interested to see how this works for you. Might be something I will try, eventually. So far I am enjoying the low carb thing.

  10. Yeppers, that's me alright!
    And so far, not walking sideways,
    or lamenting over the past
    or pining for the fields.....
    Or hungry - that's a plus!

  11. Hi. I think I'll email you my plan sort of it's too long to put in comments although I promise I will only give you the bones.... I'm not all that good at sticking to it but when I do it works well and I'm never hungry. It's ketogenic, low carb, low fat. I never worry about portion size. It just doesn't seem to be necessary. I don't even test for ketosis most of the time. I am a happy person when I stick to it but if I go off as I have been ..... it takes 3, THREE, days to get rid of the blahs, the fluid retention and the hungry things.

    I'm on day 1 of my partial fast or protein days. But I still drink coffee, 2 cups black, unsweetened.

  12. I am a do whatever works for you kinda gal. I wish I could be there for the Super Bowl, especially the sneaking me in part...that would be a blast.


  13. Gosh I'm not sure you are eating/drinking healthy my friend, you are a nurse, more knowledgeable than I am for sure but I honestly believe everything done with portion control is okay, just liquids Anne seems very extreme. I have to say you look great though, .......:-)Hugs

  14. That's dedication Anne, I'm not that tough. Good luck with it and hope the scale moves for you.

  15. So you know me and my noninternet self, I'm just catching up on weekend posts. What made me most excited here? You mentioned Kid Kraddick! That's our morning drive show all the way over here on the right hand side of the USA! Amazing to think you and I could be listening together at any given moment...


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