08 January 2011

faster scardey cat

If you ever want to be bored out of your skull
And come face to face with your
deepest darkest fears - 
Try fasting!

Here are some links to another post
 about fasting. *click*

I can't believe how slow the time passes
when food is out of the picture.

A day in the life of a fat-foodie (me)
That once was food centered.....
And what I was going to eat that day....

And then for a while, my life was
weight-loss centered.
But it was still food-centered....
But now, I focus on what I wasn't going to eat that day.

So with Fasting, 
you get a double dose:
You get to experience real and true hunger.
You get to listen to your body and your stomach "talk"
And you get to listen to your thoughts.
Here's a (real) sample of some of mine.

Why am I doing this? This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. What if I ruin my metabolism by fasting? This is a one-way ticket to a lifetime of disaster. Missing one meal will surely ruin my whole life. Well maybe not but I might get ulcers from my ribs hitting my back bone. I don't want to do this. If it takes this much effort, it's not worth it. Run for your life - it's a trick! Aye, Cap-un, I'm giving her full power... It's all she can stand! Maybe if I sing a song, the time will go faster. La, la, la.  Faster - maybe that's why they call it a fast? Maybe I should just go to bed. I'm not really that hungry, maybe I should must have some water. Maybe I should - oh look a pony! How did he get into my widdle thoughts? La, la, la... Popular, you want to be popular, it's not about aptitude, it's the way you're viewed, so it's very shrewd to be.... very very pop-u-lar like Glenda!!! Well, then.... What's for lunch? (This is really how I talk to myself!)

YouTube Video
Ho Hum.....
Things to do while you sort it all out....

Hope your day is not too fast - not too slow!


  1. That really is how I talk to myself ....
    Just not out loud!
    More like "Think to myself!"

  2. You sound just like me, and I also have a tendency to become obsessed with things-ahem food and weight loss and dieting. I'm also a pretty anxious/nervous/overly introspective person so I don't do well with fasting. It makes me insane lol. Super props to you for being able to do it. The longest I went was a 3 day liquid fast years ago. It wasn't a "true" fast because I had broth. I was a super bitch and so miserable. :o

  3. I like to think I wasn't obsessed - just completely dedicated.
    Weight loss was just a priority in my life.
    I think it has to be....
    I don't use negative self-talk.... it's more like "blond-talk!"
    With a little Wicked thrown in for fun.
    The longest I ever went total fasting was 21 days.

  4. For some reason, I always talk to myself in dialogs. We discuss all sorts of issues including many of those that occupy your mind.

    You are such a sweet lady, Anne. I love that video. Illustrates the post perfectly.

  5. Oh. I cant fast, because I cannot make that noise!!! hehehe...21 day fast? HOLY MOTHER OF....I cannot imagine!

  6. That's what it's like...drip, drip, drip

  7. I have to wonder how many "hits" you'd get on UTUBE...probably millions!LOL!

    When I was involved in a church, we'd fast often. The longest: 5 days (I was able to get out of it bcs I was pregnant at the time-YIPEE FOR ME!!!).

  8. Well, one good thing about fasting... if you can hack it for the first 3 or so days, the physical appetite goes away. But then there's the mental part. When I've done it, I refused to cook meals for MyGuy. Oh yeah, he just loved it when I fasted... not!

    Now I know the real secret to fasting... making cool sounds!

    PS: Seriously, sometimes I just get so TIRED of food this, food that, not eating, what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, menus, cleaning up afterwards, yadda yadda yadda! By comparison, fasting starts to sound good again!

  9. YES!
    That's another great point.
    The body gets a break and
    The mind gets a break.
    And I promise this;
    food never tasted so good
    as when you come back real hungry
    from even a short intermittent fast....
    like missing lunch....
    or even missing a snack!

  10. i had to fast for some blood work a couple of weeks ago and it sucked! more power to you! good luck. :)

  11. I can't believe I watched the whole video!

  12. How did you go about doing the 21 days? Did you have only water? Did you feel able to work normally and such? I'm very curious. Btw, didn't mean to make it sound like YOU are obsessed with food and such...but that I am and probably always be to an extent. But it keeps me occupied so I'm ok with it :p

  13. Me too, Anon - and I prolly am a wee bit OCD about food and diet.
    The 21 day fast was about 5 years ago.
    Only water... not enough of that. I ended up
    with a cardiac arrhythmia that I have to this day.
    I was during a darker part of my history, I guess you'd say.

    And Aunt Mandy - it's a slow one, eh?
    Check out the dimples, though.
    My singular claim to fame!

  14. You're cute!!!! :D STOP FASTING! I know you hate me right now, but... ahh! I'm my angriest best when I get no food. You don't look angry. You must have trained rather well!

  15. I don't hate anyone! Especially you!
    And I am not angry... and not hungry.
    Or Hangry!

    And right after I made this,
    I did go have some of my Atonement Soup.
    It was good! And warm!
    See how easily I stray from my goals?
    Like a puppy in the alley, sniffing around here and there.
    A happy puppy, I might add!

  16. I come from various churches with assorted fasting traditions, from the Lent fasts and no meat Friday type of fasts of Catholicism (I was raised RC), to the seriously nothing but water fasts of the Protestant/SBC/non-denom churches of my days after I converted at age 15. I've seen some serious fasters--like 21 days. Seriously scary to me. I never fasted more than one. See how food had a hold on me, like, forever???

    I've never met a regular "fast-er" in my church who was obese. All the ones who regularly did fasting for Holy Days, for revival, for the sick, etc...they were NOT fat. I'm guessing not being a foodaholic makes it easier to fast, or fasting makes you stop being obssessed with food. Don't know which.

    But sock puppets are optional, right? :)

  17. Optional, yes - but highly recommended!
    My 21 day fast was just to see how long it took....
    ....to end the fast.....
    I had no hunger at all...and it was during the Holidays 2006.
    It was definitely NOT a Spiritual endeavor,
    But it ended up being one!

  18. LOL, now I feel more normal :)

  19. Fasting is tough, real tough. I am not tough enough to do it voluntarily. Good to know you are.

  20. Dimples are awesome! But you should try bifocals!

  21. Auntie Mandy -
    I am the 1 in a million who just doesn't need bifocals!
    I take my glasses off to read.
    With perfect clarity.
    When - if - that time comes, I wil get them.
    So far - not!
    In fact, my vision has improved since starting LoCarb!


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