17 October 2010


Let's talk about fat.
Visceral fat. (wikipedia link)
Abdominal fat.

September 2009 - 6 months into my LoCarb... 
WAY, way, way after I'd lost enough to even consider 
posing for pics like this. I thought I looked great!
 Confused smile
So imagine 30 + pounds on top of these first pics.

 And this very day... October 2010
About a pound a week. Every week!
I'm down to the last 10 or 15 now....(again)

Now-a-days, it's not my face, or limbs that give me trouble.
Does blonde hair weigh less? Just asking!

 It's not even the butt - so much! 
I am a Gravida Zero/Para Zero = no kids!
Well, none that I know of!  Winking smile

The problem is the pesky mid-section.
(And the girls - but not so much)
The abdomen seems resistant to all kinds of coaxing.
And tricks. And treats. 
Could it be that visceral fat is different? 
Ya think?  Open-mouth smile

So I thought: "Perhaps less dietary fat intake would help."
Maybe with abdominal fat. Here's why.

The Lymph System   (link)
We all know the lymph system moves lymph.
But did you know that lymph also
transports fatty acids? (link)

IF the lymph system, which is notoriously slow any ways,
is already bogged down with dietary fat intake,
THEN, it might not handle the over-load of lymph from
cellular debris and etc.

Lymph normally only circulates once every 24 hours, if that.
WITH Manual Lymph Drainage, it can move every few hours.

Note that I am speaking here as a FatAss, and not as a Nurse,
or medical professional, except the kind who once ate donuts!
This is just what works for me.

So water intake, (up) +
 muscle movement/ acceleration/ compression
(which also moves lymph) +
deep breathing exercises
(and aerobics, too)
All help move lymph.

And the by-products of metabolism and 
cellular debris. With weight loss, and catabolism,
there's bound to be alot of cellular breakdown!
Isn't that the name of the game? (So to speak!)

Maybe - just maybe - by further reducing the lymph load
on the Supply Side - by reducing fat intake....
Maybe that will help make some changes up in here!

Which is just an awful, disgusting-sounding name
for a massage. But THIS massage is not muscular.
This is not a massage that is meant to relax you.
This is meant to physically - by hand - help move lymph.
Just under the skin. People get this type of massage 
 if they have edema. Or cancer surgery that involves the lymph,
because the stimulation helps move lymph when nothing else will.

There are lots of videos on YouTube on the technique.
It's a very gentle touch - Almost like the weight of a feather!

I don't have any disease, or condition,
 and I don't take any meds at all...
Just Sudafed when my heart rate is slow
or my blood pressure is low.... 
But that's another story for another day!
The only "condition" I have is FAT-itis!
And right now, I'm in remission! Yay!

But if I slack off and start up again, 
there's a 100% chance that I will gain weight again.
Like so many other "real" diseases, losing weight requires changes
all the way around - forever!

Once, after work, I was asked to stay late for part of 
a second shift. But I didn't have my dinner with me.

I thought "If I were diabetic, and didn't have my insulin...
or if I had a heart condition, and didn't bring along my meds -
they would not ask me to work. "   This quote-unquote diet is 
just as important in every way. Obesity is a disease and
an epidemic! How is it not as serious?

I skipped dinner that night, by the way.
Just had water. Now, I bring a protein drink
every where I go - just in case...
That's why fasting works well for me, too -
I am learning it's ok to be hungry!
Thanks for reading - 
Hope your weekend is wonderfully awesome!


  1. Gotta whistle at ya girl, if only I could. this was really interesting, nothing I ever really thought about, got to learn more information. so glad you are in remission. What I have learned from you is it is an everyday change of life. hugs.have a great day.

  2. You know, I think blond hair does weigh less. Ha.

  3. Hi Cat!! LOVED this post.. I am at the same space where I am liking how everything is looking, but the whole mid section..eh.. not so much! Going to click over on the links that you gave.. thanks so much for all the info.. So interesting!

    Found you from Dawne's site! So great to find your blog!

  4. You look fantastic! Really! I only hope my midsection ever looks as good as yours, girl!

    And this was a great, informative post that I really liked, so thanks for that.

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. Very informative post! Loved reading it.

  6. Interesting post, and you've done great. The low carb thing sounds more intriguing all the time.

  7. Love your before and after pictures. Wow! what a great transformation! Good for you, Anne h. Love this text and couldn't agree with you mrore:
    But if I slack off and start up again,
    there's a 100% chance that I will gain weight again.
    Like so many other "real" diseases, losing weight requires changes
    all the way around - forever!

  8. Love love love your blog. This is very interesting stuff! As a fellow nurse who has also lost much poundage with low carb eating (about 80 lbs this year!), and a 50-something gal who thought my metabolism was effed up, this all feels like serious work to me. I was hovering over the edge of the big D (for diabetes, dead feet, desperation, dread).


    I REALLY appreciate your unique mix of fun/thoughtful/intelligent/artistic/beautiful ideas/images/feelings/musings.

    Also, I'm having a spiritual emergence, or something of the sort, which maybe comes with my age or the aforementioned big D. :) In any case, I am grateful.

    Grateful for soooo much. Grateful for you.


  9. Very interesting theory. BTW - Your new profile pic is the bomb.

  10. Thanks everyone -
    And Robin - wow!
    Just to put this "out there:"
    My entire blog is a "spiritual emergence" thing-
    Otherwise known as a mid-life crisis!
    I just don't use "direct quotes."

  11. Lymph massage, does that come with a happy ending ? You look fantastic..

  12. You look wonderful. What a transformation. You are SLEEK! I am still not brave enough to take a photo (or allow anyone else to take one) - I wonder if I ever will get brave enough.

    Visceral fat is different - Dr Eades has written a book about it! http://www.proteinpower.com/books.htm

  13. I"m thinking you could make this into a rap, a song...something. Come on Anne...give it a whirl!

    You look amazing...very inspiring. My tummy is my problem area too, even 90 pounds down. I'll start maintaining when I have a flat tummy!

  14. If I go too fast, I lose subcutaneous fat.
    And that "herion chic" versus "emo" look
    just doesn't work so well for me!

  15. Thanks for the informative post!! I didnt know this about lymph, or visceral fat. I still have a lot of subcutaneous fat!!
    I have noticed as Ive gotten older--AND after 18 months of an extremely stressful job with LOTS of overtime constantly that I gained much more weight in my tummy but also around my ribcage/under boobs which I NEVER had before!! It was like, what is this hideous gelatinaous innertube that has attached itself to my person!? Acckk!!!
    Anyway, I think you look great! I hope you'll post about results with your new tactic!

  16. What great information, thanks sweetie....:-)Hugs

  17. I was taught Manual Lymphatic Drainage for lymphedema of the legs. But didn't connect it with "belly fat".

    Can't remember if you have a rebounder or not, but I do. And one of the things it is most famous for is the fantastic effects on the lymph system. Here is one interesting explanation, it's the place where I got mine:


  18. The Cellersiser! They are great!
    Thanks for the link.

  19. Wow you're doing Great Anne. Thanks for the informative post.

  20. What surprises me most is the feather touch, because in my mind it seemed one would need deep, deep pressure to move fluids. You mentioned moving lymph in an earlier post, which intrigued me, but I never did anything about it. Now, I'm thinking there may be a rebounder in my future! We are certainly blessed to have you going along well ahead of us in this process... helps a LOT!

  21. I have a question... What about fish oil and flaxseed oil (both beneficial, both types of fat)?

  22. Both are good - and chia seeds - my personal fave!
    But I eat butter, so I am kinda biased...


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