03 February 2011

dark and snowy day

Early does it

Not alot of traffic to compete with

Cold inside, as well....

Even the plants want to be frozen today....

Finding ways to stay warm.
Keep moving - stretching

Some hot, frothy, brewed coffee, anyone?

What a crazy mix of weather
we are having lately!

Hope you are staying warm!


  1. I'm trying. I'm in my thermals and under the blankets. Won't be venturing out until later. Brrr.:)

  2. It's starting to warm up a bit here :) Well from what we're used to anyway!
    Be careful on the road today.

  3. Cold and snowy makes for hot and frothy.

    Love how you show us its all a balancing act...
    make that a stretching act.

    You are crazy fun! Even the weather can't get to you...Early Does it!

    You are so in charge!!!!

  4. I am in the frozen tundra!!! I better get to stretchin' and movin' and whipping up the hot n frothy myself! Keep warm chickie!

  5. And don't forget the heavy whipping cream!

  6. It's cold but sunny in in So Cal :)

  7. Woo Anne...brrr. Wet and rainy here on the Wet-Coast. Keep warm, buddy.

  8. Is it mean to tell you that in NZ we're having the hottest summer in decades? Yes? Then I won't tell you that, then. :)

  9. Ach! We're freezing out here to the west. Thank heavens for a fireplace and a teapot!

  10. Frothy hot coffee has my name written all over it. Seriously, I hope one day I can travel to your neck of the woods and we have cup o' joe together and just laugh ourselves silly.

    Keep warm (keep stretching, use the workout room like mad)

  11. With coffee and stretches, you just made my heart sing!

  12. I've seen on the news the US has a load of snow - Keep yourselves warm! x

  13. Yes, I would very much like a cup of that coffee, please:)

  14. Girl I drove in today-what the heck was I thinking??? Those overpasses are still a mess. Not sure Dallas is doing anything to clear the roads that aren't superbowl related! Seemed everyone was driving either too slow (5 mph) or too fast (50 mph). We are supposed to get more snow tonight, too. Ugh.

    Polar's Mom

  15. I have the opposite problem, trying to stay cool! No thanks I don't drink coffee! Diet Coke is all I drink, and SOMETIMES some grog! lol

  16. That looked like hot chocolate to me lol. Hope you stay warm and the snow goes away.

  17. It snows in Texas???

  18. Your plant photo is very cool looking.

    Stay warm, Anne. xo jj


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