21 February 2011

happy trails

Kelly, Chuck and I went on a little hike

"Little" for them - "intermediate" for me

Kelly knows sooo much about Nature  - and History

Tuff guys were riding bikes through the rocky terrain

Kelly and her map

We walked for two and a half hours!

Not too shabby! And very pretty!

I managed to keep up - at least!

A couple more salads, and we said our goodbyes - 
Kelly and Chuck are awesome people -
Everything good - can't wait to do it again!

Thanks, everyone for reading and coming along
on our Wicked Texas Blogger Weekend!

Wish you were here!

Happy trails to you
Until we meet agin!


  1. Hi Anne, It looks and sounds like you had a fabulous vacation getaway. I'm so happy for you. I'm looking forward to your LA trip and catching up with you in person.
    xoxo jj

  2. Great hike. The best company. I'm a little sad that it's over but I get to replay the memories in my mind and that makes me smile. I'm looking forward to a future camping trip and many more hikes. That wasn't a very easy hike we did. Uphill, rocky terrain, etc. You did great! I think we would have done even better had we brought supplies with us.

    Thanks for the lovely weekend. You are such a sweet lady. A real gem. And I can't get over how much weight you've lost!!

  3. Is that a worm Texas style, do they grow everything big in Texas?
    We have started using baby spinach in our salads. Is it my imagination or are my muscles getting stronger?

  4. A great millipede!! Love them; all their legs and all. Looks like a great time. Great scenery to hike in!

  5. A worm? I thought it was a snake!
    Kelly said it was a millipede (not a centipede!)
    Bright yellow (and orange) butterflies
    followed her all around that day. She even knows
    all kinds of beetles - (and Beatles!)

  6. Heehee - we must have posted at (or about)
    the same time! It was a great hike indeed -
    The first of the season! Many more to come!

  7. I've caught up on all the Wicked Meet Up posts and I'm sitting here consumed with jealousy over the whole experience. San Antonio is the ONE Texas city I've always wanted to visit... and you guys got to meet each other! I hope that experience was so great that you are now a wee bit more out of your shy shell Anne!

  8. I'm so happy to hear you all had a great time. These are some great pics and I'm glad you shared them with us.

  9. Happy Trails indeed. I so love when you share. Its not easy to think of taking a few photos when you are having a good time. I'm so grateful you have the discipline to do that. That is what makes your blog so special.

    I'm the lucky girl who gets to visit with you next! Just know I won't be picking up any millipedes to show you and how I wish butterflies would follow me. But I suspect one would have to love all of God's creatures to get those kind of escorts.

  10. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!! Love the hiking.
    I agree with l a annie, your pictures make your blog so special.
    thanks for letting us. "Come along" on your weekend adventure

  11. All looks fine...except for the CREEPY BUG in Kelly's hand. Gah!

  12. The hike looks great - and well done for keeping up ( don't think I would have been able to) Talking of being able or otherwise ....big bug, on my hand? No way !
    Looks like you had a great time

  13. Glad you had an awesome time.....good practice for when you come to the NORTH!!!!


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