18 February 2011

the wicked fun begins

I really can't believe this is actually happening.
I almost backed out .... I'm glad I didn't!

I am sooo shy, I have to make myself do new things!
Especially meeting new people. 

I am always glad I did, though.
The drive was quite nice.

Can't wait to meet Kelly and her DH!

Got a double take - and full body turn - from some guy
while I was pumping gas. He actually peeked over his 
sun glasses at me.... Hmmmm. 

Stuck in traffic in Austin - watching the wind blow

A wave to MizFit's fair city skyline as I drove on through -

Wow - this place is fancy!
Last time I was in San Antonio, I was still in the Army.
At the Academy of Health Sciences. Two wars ago.
We had little huts to stay in. And we got so muddy,
they had to wash us off with fire hoses! FTX....
(Field Training Experience, indeed!)

But, I digress!
I had a Monster whilst driving....
Wow - just like old times! Old times and yet,
updated. And that's ok. Even good.

Hope your day is all that - even good!


  1. Had a lazy day here. I'm glad yours was good!

  2. Relax! You'll be fine! And have fun! FUN!!!

  3. Wow. It's so funny, I don't actually know you, but it just does not seem that you would be the shy type! Are you REALLY?!

  4. Beth - I know, right?
    But it is true....
    Painfully shy.
    Like anxiety -type shy.
    Just lately though. It wasn't always this way.
    I'm getting a wee little bit better!
    Thank Goodness! ♪♫♬♫♬

  5. Oh Anne...I am completely green with envy!! I hope you have absolutely the best time ever!

    Because I knew you, I have been changed for good! ;-)

  6. Have fun in SATX, if I ever move back home, I'll live there. I love it. Used to live in Kerrville and would drive in every weekend to go shopping, eating and to watch sports. Go eat at Mi Tierra for me!

  7. Hope you have lots of fun in SA!
    I love your blog! I live in San Antonio and am a low carbing blogger.
    I had read that you were coming to S.A., but didn't know it was this weekend! I would love to meet you!
    Here are my blogs-

  8. Have fun in SA. Say hey to Kelly and DH! Don't be too anxious - you are an absolute delight in person!

  9. Im anxious-shy like that too, though I can run the gamut from that to "out there" and can never figure out WHY. Mostly though, Im a shy one!
    Im just thinkin the guy at the gas station has good taste :-D
    Glad you had a good trip and hope you have a blast this weekend!

  10. Glad you are stretching yourself with something that will be fun! Enjoy every minute!

  11. I have to say that you look so wonderful, Anne! Watch out for the guys at gas stations, and have fun!

  12. Have a blast!! Drive careful and can't wait to read about it

  13. Off on another grand adventure! I'm so glad you got well enough in time for it. Looking forward to the blow by blow updates. :-)

  14. I can't believe you were nervous about this weekend. I never pictured you as shy at all. You are delightful on your blog and even more delightful and beautiful in person. Can't wait for more fun and adventure tomorrow.

    Ok, this has me signed in as chuck but I don't know how to change it and I'm too lazy to try to find out. But it's Kelly.

  15. Kelly - thanks! You are even more delightful and beautiful in person too!
    Thanks for a great evening!


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