13 February 2011


Hi Blogging Peeps

An update on the Protein Fast
day 10.5 or something

I still have no hunger and no boredom.
Well, maybe a little boredom. (Hence the title!)
I keep a variety of flavors on board at all times.
The boredom came when I cut out the diet drink base 
for the protein and took it with just water. (yuck)

At first, it was a ghastly experience! This must be what a dog feels like
eating Old Roy. [The dog food. Not a guy named Roy.]
Day in, day out, same thing.  Sure, it sustains life.
But gosh-already! Will I die without variety? Or just die from the 
thought that I am "entitled" to more?  There's nothing to look forward to....
no happy taste of something sweet. I didn't realize how dependent 
I was am on that. And even on a liquid protein fast, I was still looking
forward to "meals." Cuz I really am a food junkie. This fast highlighted 
that for me.

Can I  Haz Diet 7up?

The Cheezeburger Dog shows us how it's really done!

But I read on one of the LoCarb Forums that Aspartame and Splenda etc
can slow down weight-loss because they keep the liver "busy" processing 
the junk. Well, that sophomoric explanation does make some sense.
And honestly, what would it hurt to skip the sweeteners every now and then?
We really don't know the long long long term effects of any of this stuff.
Or for anything, for that matter!

Overall, I love this protein fast, and I find it very freeing to not have to
shop, cook, prepare and clean up after big meals. I also don't have to decide what to eat.

Even added the occasional egg and/or tuna.  The idea is lots of protein 
with less fat and few carbs. I'm no purist, even in this!
So, it's all good!

I feel a little smaller all the way around. Still waiting to weigh. 
And take a set of measurements. No hurry there.
No ill effects from the fast. Lots of energy. No hair falling out.
No depression, pretty even-keeled happy.
People who see me ask if I've lost even more weight.
And I ask them this question: Do I look sick?

Cuz if you lose too much weight too fast, it could be that you lost
subcutaneous tissue (link) ....which gives you that pale "heroin chic" look.
Kinda gaunt. Sick. You know the look. The "you look sick" look.
I never look sick! Even when I was sick with the flu!

Upping my protein from 3 a day to 5 servings a day was the best idea evah! 
Thanks LoCarb blog lady! From over on Your Lighter Side of Low Carb.
It was a FB commenter from The Lighter Side of Low Carb a few days ago.
You helped more than you will know. She sent me a link to an e-book that 
bought and downloaded - all about the Protein sparing Modified Fast.

But if anyone wants to learn more about Low Carb, and great recipes -
please go to Jamie's blog or FB page.... she is truly a Low Carb Goddess!

Got Protein?

Thank You Kindly!

Anne H


  1. Interesting you should come to that conclusion about artificial sweeteners...I decided the same thing yesterday. Since I started on 4HB (basically a low carb diet with a few twists), I've been using a lot of Splenda. But this morning I decided to drink my coffee without it, and not add any to my protein shake. I've heard artificial sweeteners can trick your pancreas into thinking its still getting sugar, therefore it will release insulin as if you are getting sugar, and your weight loss will slow down.

    We'll see...anyway, glad you are feeling better and doing well on your program.

  2. Oh, could you also post a link to a few of your favorite low carb blogs? Esp the "LoCarb BLog Lady" you refer to in your post as helping you so much.

  3. Hey, I'm not getting my updates on Blogger either. 10.5 days...whoa, ou are strong. I lasted for 7 days (once). Glad you are enjoying the simplicity of the fast. I guess it would get boring after awhile, but boring is good sometimes, isn't it? You are so unboring, something in your life needs to be boring :)

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better. You have such strength and focus, you put me to shame. I get bored and start longing for different tastes and textures. (Note to self: Must do better!)

  5. Love the prostache!!! Glad to hear you are feeling good and rockin' the protein.

  6. I spent so much time as a diabetic that I just can't NOT use artificial sweeteners. I think a liquid protein fast may be just what I need too after my little adventure yesterday. Maybe protein shakes for two meals a day and then one sensible protein based meal. Sounds like a plan.

  7. Hi Ann

    Watched a weight loss program last night with lots of research about the tips they offered.

    One tip .... eat more protein. You won't suffer from hunger. Who would have guessed?

    #2 Instead of drinking that glass of water with your meal, blend into your meal and have SOUP. Apparently water simply extends you stomach then goes right on through. But when you have soup the stomach processes the whole mix at a slower rate reducing the feelings of hunger. Who knew soup was diet food?

    #3 moderate exercise, ie walking as fast as you can without becoming breathless, burns cals as you go but .... get this.... the cals burned when body is at rest are more than the cals burned while working out and what's more the calories burned while exercising come from carbohydrates, mostly, the second string of calories burned come from FAT.

    I didn't know that.

    This was a program made in England and I'm so glad I watched it.

    If I'd known it was going to be so useful I'd have recorded for future viewing. Oh well!

    There is a huge amount of research with info important to long-term, overweight people like me and I feel very frustrated that much of it stays semi hidden and brushed aside by the boring same old same old traditional thinking and the weight loss industry.

    I guess one thing that will come out of the Obesity Epidemic is better research into why this works and that doesn't and what is truly best for our bodies.

    We might even get some honesty about essential nutirient levels for a healthy life that breaks through all current misconceptions.

    Another protein shake anyone?


  8. Hey the 'stach matches the hair :)

  9. Yeah, protein= good. But some fat is good. I am glad you are adding some. I think it's safest to add some daily.

    Hope you find a boredome cure. Cute protein-stache. :D

  10. Look where I found you http://blog.yourlighterside.com/2011/02/low-carb-success-story-of_11.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheLighterSideOfLow-carb+%28The+Lighter+Side+of+Low-Carb%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

    What fun to have your story related on another Blog.


  11. die from the thought that
    you're entitled to more

    now that's an interesting point
    obviously you won't die from it
    therefore, keep on keepin on

    I'm thinking about eliminating
    splenda from my food n drinks
    in solidarity with you
    at least
    for a while

  12. Maybe I should have said "reduce"
    instead of eliminate....
    I went right back to it today....
    "Cutting back" works, as well!

  13. Hey Anne-- You are good! I'm impressed you're not bored. I think I'd be craving anything that "crunches" at this point of the diet-- carrots, maybe???

    I was at the doc yesterday and got the big "MOVE" speech-- 30 minutes of cardio daily is a must at my age (almost 53). And she said to add in a little weight training too to help keep the bones strong. Oy-- I wish I had your focus so I could stay on THAT program ;-)

    Keep up the good work. And glad to see you up and smiling again. xo jj


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