18 February 2011

one who lets go

When I think "art," I think "Wendy's"

The Vision will come when you are ready.
(But I typically want it NOW)

I'm ready to become one-who-lets-go.

Seen at a local Wendy's 
whilst out and about recently.
Today I am meeting up with Kelly
from Happy Texans!
We are going to have a Wicked Weekend
in San Antonio, TX.
Wish you were here!
Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Loved what was on the Vision Quest stone. Well, kudos to Wendy!

  2. oooh and now I wanna email you a pic of me so we can photoshop a coffee :)

  3. Morning, Anne. Your post reminds me of the movie, "The River Wild" with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon...a thriller set in the world of white water rafting. In the movie, Streep describes the history of the Vision Quest to her son. Such a beautiful thing. (And the beauty of the scenery in this movie is BEYOND description!)

    I guess we're all on a Vision Quest because life IS transition.

    "Coming to the quiet place alone, of facing the unknown in the discomfort of things unfamiliar."

    I will ponder this all today. (And watch The River Wild tonight!) Thanks, Anne!

  4. A vision quest....now that's an interesting idea. Never thought of finding such food for thought at a Wendys.

    Packing my bags now!

  5. Have a great time Kelly and Anne!

    What a great post and ditto on the kudo's and food for thougt comments.
    This blog reading adventure feels like a mystery school in and of itself.
    Life is interesting that way.

  6. Love that last inscription. Have fun at Wicked and with all your friends this weekend!

  7. Amazing that you found it at Wendy's!!
    Vision quest.....

  8. Hope you are enjoying your trip - jealous you get to meet up with Kelly! :)
    Have a wonderful time ...

  9. Have a great weekend Anne, and take pics!

  10. Have a wicked time!!! I am so glad you are having a weekend away. Woohoo!


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