01 February 2011

fat girls are easy

I know what

I think I'll get me a Fatty!
You know - a heavy person -
If ya want to be all PC about it...

A little food (such a bribe)
They always fall for that one!
How could they NOT fall for that one...

A little vino (so easy)
Like with the food, the "cheap stuff" is good enough;
It'll be gone in 5 minutes, anyways...

Tell her how good she looks
She won't believe it.....
Some fat girls are smart, though -
they see right through this one!

Maybe go do something fun -
Like what, though? 
Walk around the mall or something.
That's bound to be a short walk - "lol!"

"Oh, Babe, have you lost weight?
You look great - keep it up!"
Fat girls love to hear that kind of thing

She never hears that, so she will want to believe it!
"Why, yes I have lost weight!" she will say.

So now, we are both lying....

Just like taking candy from a baby....
Pardon the pun - 
Can we just get right to it?

Now what?...
Been working on this post for a year.
Got this far, finally.
But only in "Toon" version -
Couldn't bring myself to finish!
My mind is literally stunned here.
Got a little queazy, too.
Must have hit a nerve.

Care to write an ending?
I guess each of us writes our own ending every day!
And each ending is a new beginning. 
So they say.

Thanks to Loretta for letting me
play along with her on Toon Tuesday!


  1. I'm sorry you're queasy,
    That your mind has gone splat.
    I'd heard Earth girls were easy.
    Does that mean that Earth girls are fat?

  2. No such a permanent "splat"
    Just that it's rough to be on the receiving end of
    insults..... for being heavy...
    And have people think that because I was heavy
    that I would be easy to sweep off of my feet....
    so to speak.....

  3. Something I came to realize was loving that fat girl is a must.That fat girl was me and if I don't love her I can't love the person I am now. So I'd like to think fat girls are easy to love.

  4. "I guess each of us writes our own ending every day!
    And each ending is a new beginning."

    This is actually pretty profound, if we take it literally. And I guess we should! I am reminding myself each night that "What I believe, think, say and do creates my future."

    Every so often a memory comes up for me like you have described, one I thought I had dealt with. If it hurts, then I realize it's not quite healed, and needs a little more TLC.

    I look forward to reading the "new ending" you are writing for yourself. Make it a good one!


  5. I get queasy looking at my before pictures too. You've come a long way, Anne. :)

  6. Fat girls are easy to love, I think I found a nerve that needs to be worked on, lol have not ended this one either...Have a good day Anne.

  7. FRACK
    I had a comment but who can compete with the MERRY!!!

  8. It's interesting that using the post in a toon format allowed you to publish what you've been holding onto for a year.

    It was time to let it go...the end.

    We don't need a fairy tale ending...its all made up anyway right?

    So now we are at the beginning...cool.

    Toon Tuesday Rock!

  9. I hate that people get insulted because of their weight. I love what bbubblyb said!

    You are your own happy ending Anne, we all can see that!

  10. I agree with bbubblyb, we have to learn to love that fat girl because we have to learn to accept all of our selves.

  11. You (we) may have been chased while Chubby, but those seekers will eventually find a bigger bitch that will screw them-Karma.

    Good for you for doing this. I tend to think that most of us have been in your place, at least once, for some of us it becomes too common.

    Cartooning didn't make it less powerful!
    Polar's Mom

  12. I love the toons, Anne. Fat or thin, I'm easy to love :)

  13. This post was heart wrenching. :( You are wise, lovable and fun. Big hugs.

  14. Oh, Anne. You've always been the wonderful you, even if you hated your outside.

    And there is no ending. There is only the continuing journey, and I hope for the rest of this journey, you are light on your feet and in the heart....full of joy and more and more self-love.


  15. Whether you are fat or thin all i see is a very compassionate, honest, kind hearted, beautiful woman! "hugs"

  16. Food for thought...

  17. for me it's always been
    fat girls are not loveable
    fat girls are stupid
    fat girls are common

    recently a fat girl came
    to our OA meeting
    she didn't say anything
    for the first 50 minutes

    I admit to a huge mistake
    I thought she was stupid
    and common
    she's not
    when she finally talked
    it was obvious
    she's well-educated
    and very bright

    I am shamed
    shamed to realize
    that I do this thing
    that I abhore so much
    that you portray so poignantly

    and sadly
    the knife cuts me
    more deeply than anybody else

  18. I have no problem with weight -
    mine or anyone else's...
    But that knife that cuts both ways
    Sucks the life right out of me
    When I realize it's projection
    and perception.... all over again!

  19. wow... nail hit. on head.


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