22 April 2011

high glossy days

While waiting in a doctors office, 
reading magazines,
I discovered the best state fair is right here
in Dallas. And I never, ever go.

A great public garden is the Dallas Arboretum.
And I never, ever go.

Roller blading at White Rock Lake.
More than 20 miles of bike trails, and hiking.
And I never ever go. 

I might see her, if I did!

Here is the Fear of Fatness.
Wish I could say I never, ever go there.
I did go there. 

This just in!
Ya gotta love Groupon. Fencing lessons.
One year to try it. Just got this today.
I said - "Sure! Why not?"
Click - Boom!

An Elevation Burger on a such a rainy day

Gotta go - my ride is here...

And yes - a smile!

Must be the Ketones - ya think?
or the GABA.....
So many people have asked about GABA....
I should write up a little post about it!

It helps me sleep  - I'm still on the mend!

Hope you are doing greatly!
And more happier!
Any big weekend plans?
Do tell!


  1. I did this a few months ago with hubby. Cataloging the places we have NOT seen in a city we've lived in (for me) since 1974, and for him since birth. Crazy. So we started one by one knocking them out. Seeing these things. Going to these places. Doing these things. I have tons more to do....I cant' believe we just take where we live for granted. People come from all over the world to visit us, but we just....nap. ; )

    Sleep well, sweets.

  2. Feel better Anne, I know your on the mend, just take it easy...and yes there are so many things we just don't do, This weekend hopefully some spring yard work. slowly the snow is melting. happy easter weekend.

  3. Yep - time to check out the sights right here!
    Hope y'all have a great weekend.

  4. Looking better, Anne! So, will you go now that you've been reminded of them? The fair, the gardens, etc... all sound like wonderful places to see.

  5. I have a running list of "local" places I've yet to visit. Funny how much I miss because I'm so busy going to see other places. Have a great weekend!

  6. Looks like your Bucket List just got longer, LOL!
    Glad to see you're on the mend.

  7. xoxoxoxoxoxo
    you my friend are so TOUGH resilient and have the best attitude.

  8. I need to start checkin out the Los Angeles spots, there are too many places I never ever go!

    Always smiling thats why we love the Carb Tripper!

  9. We've already got the county fair blocked on our calendar here. We have lived here almost six months now and have gotten to know the little town pretty well. The county fair is in a town a little larger than this one. I will definitely take picture of that event. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  10. It is funny but true. People don't often check out what is near them...this year although I will be off work for five weeks, I am not going anywhere. Will be checking out whatever we can get to in a less than a few hours.

    Fencing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous. I was just telling the Boss the other day that I would love to try it.

    So happy to see your happy face smiling!!!

    GABA is not a teddy bear? What?

    Hope your day is great!

  11. Our local tulip festival is at its peak right now. No way am I going over to check out the fields and displays. Last time I did that I came back home and ordered over 300 bulbs for fall planting. You know how long it takes to plant 300 bulbs? It started to rain on the third day of my planting marathon. I just kept on digging. Even the dogs wouldn't come outside. They sure are pretty this spring! But I'm staying home this time.

  12. Oooooh. So many fun things to do!
    I love Groupon. And Living Social. And Urban Delight. And Houston Entree.

    I have wanted to take fencing lessons for so long. When I was a kid we'd "fence" with bamboo poles. I can't wait to hear all about your experience.

  13. There are lots of unique places here in our area too and we never go. It is a touristy area though and always so crowded when we want to do something on the weekend. We will be going to a local reserve on Sunday though if it doesn't rain.

  14. "The fear of fatness."

    Seems strange that a single phrase would stand out in my mind, especially considering all the awesome images (especially your beautiful smile.)

    Guess I'll let that one simmer in my brain for a bit.

    I hope to walk outside, as usual, even if it rains. :)

  15. Well I hope you get to that botanical garden and on the trails near you. Sounds some pretty new adventures will be coming your weigh (oh, way)!


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