12 April 2011

rehab days

The last time I quit Monsters -
(you know I started back for vacation)
I used a proxy....
As "bad" as they people think they are,
they are full of vitamines and good things!

This Whey is good to mix into foods 
that you cook. I mix it with Carb Master yogurt.
My new treat!

Might be a day or two more, eh?
I look like someone else - even to me!
The bridge of my nose is so swollen,
I can barely wear my glasses. Lucky for me,
I only wear them to drive. Since going LoCarb,
my vision has improved twice.... and I still don't
need to wear bifocals!

A cheese omelet with chipotle sauce and MrsDash.
I use two whole eggs. But Liquid Egg Whites are good too.
Lots of protein of every different kind - 
Stocked up on chicken, fish, eggs, some beef, some pork....

I talked to the trainer - Robert Q...
said I could come back to CrossFit
as soon as I could go to work.
Well, I've already been to work.
So that's that. However,
I will wait till the 6 huge staples 
are removed from  my scalp
before I start back up in earnest.
That's what a "regular" person would do.

That's the genius of CrossFit - 
It can accomodate any level of health
and fitness.... as high or as low ....
fast or slow..... it's all scaled to each person's level.
Which gives me a golden opportunity 
to practice what I preach. If I can do this
all banged up like I am, then I'll experience
better working under limitations.
Like my own patients have everyday.

Still happy happy happy -
Must be true endorphins!
Hope all is well with you and yours!


  1. That really doesn't look like you!

    Love some eggs and cheese and hot sauce. Maybe some bell peppers and green onions too. And toast? Oops, did I say that?! Low carb toast? :)

    Glad that you are happy. There are so many joys around us for us to be down.

  2. It looks like Doonsebury or something!
    LoCarb toast?
    What you must have meant is something like this-
    "A toast! To LoCarb!"
    Here! Here!

  3. You're right. That's NOT "you". :( Well, take your healthy stuff and heal up, baby. I love cheese omelettes sooooooooooooooooo much. :) I could eat one every day. One of my fave things in the universe. Cheddar and onion. Or swiss and mushroom and spinach. Or American and 5 veggies. Or mozzarella and tomato basil and garlic.

    I have all the Mrs. Dash's. Did ya use the Chipotle one for that? :)

    Healing hugs...

  4. Thinking of you, Anne. Wishing you the best. The omelet looks great.

  5. OUCH OUCH OUCH!! I'm so glad you are okay!! What a nasty "bump"! Keep us updated on your progress. I hope it starts feeling better very very soon!

  6. You look so badass now. Totally out of character of the Anne I know, but as a temporary state I like it.

    The omelet looks yummy!

  7. Hey, I actually DID have some low carb toast recently! Lisa over at 24/7 Low Carb Diner perfected a good recipe for "Bread" made out of peanut butter. I added some caraway seeds, and it reminded me of caraway rye bread. Yummo!
    Here it is:

  8. Heal quickly :)
    Hey...recommendation? I need a protein powder that doesn't taste like chalk, has zero sugar and no fat....is that possible?

  9. I'm very interested to hear about your vision improvement. Lo carb, am I ready for you yet?

    Glad to hear you intend to be a "normal person" regarding getting back to exercise, at least it sounds like you might be sensible about it.... Your cross training is not the same as rehab exercises for a hip replacement, y'know.


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