07 April 2011

post work-out post

How deceptively pretty they seem

All curled up on the floor..... mocking me!
Now I know why they are called "medicine" balls.
I already need some Advil!

Actual re-enactment of a plank.....
(not a real plank per se)

My neighbors asked me to show them what I learned 
at class - my first day of CrossFit training!

I think it was a conspiracy....
This lunge looks like I am praying...

And this "bear crawl" is very hard to demonstrate
whilst trying to explain to my neighbor/ photographer
that all she needs to do is point. So - she points!

But the sweaty-ness was real.... right after class
was over - I was not the oldest plank person in the room -
But I was the slowest. For now.
And that's fine by me.

In the Army, we never did lunges or squats.
Not one, not ever. Today was my first.
And my rotator cuff hurt more than I thought it would.
I guess that happens when you actually use it!

I can't yet estimate how much (or how little) space I take up.
So when I had to stand next to someone, 
I had to remind myself that I was not about to 
get in her space with my butt....
She said, in fact, I barely have one!

So as my first day as a "gym-rat wanna-be"
 comes to a happy close, 
I made it through without quitting or crying.
Hit the showers, and BioFreeze for the night.

And I am completely off the Monster.
Just water so far.... Not even Diet Ginger Ale.
Not even NoCarb Jack.
I'm thinking it won't help so much with my training.
Which I am taking very seriously.

And my new-found Carb Master yogurt from Kroger
They say it's always been there, but I never saw it-
till today.

So, thanks for reading along!
Golly - what a day this was!
Hope your is going great, as well!


  1. I am loving this new direction you are taking. Probably because I am in the similar place exercise wise. Off Monster? That's big. Hope it helps.

  2. You are woman. You are strong!

  3. It was so hard - I wanted to cry - or quit.
    As per my usual M.O.
    Something is a challenge,
    Just walk off without a word.
    Or better yet, make up some stupid blaming excuse.
    But maybe I'll stay, for now. Maybe!

  4. Awesome Job! I'm trying to become a gym rat too :) RPM classes are great going to try a pump class (weights + aerobics) Keep on Keeping on Anne!!

  5. Great pictures Anne. Don't cha just love that plank position....lol

    Don't you even think of giving up. In a short while you will feel so strong and so capable and
    you will be thinking of all the reason why you can do this rather than the reasons you can't :)

  6. Since when did they start putting handles on M&Ms?

  7. Anne, you are my hero. I don't think I could do one of any of those except maybe the lunges. I love the kettlebells but never have worked with the medicine balls before.

    Hang in there, Anne. I'm here cheering you on.

  8. Yeah!!! You go, Anne!

    Remember what I said about Buff Chad coming to our office to lead workouts? I work in an office full of men. Ninety four men, six women. Men who are crazy insane about working out. Like iron man sort of stuff, biking hundreds of miles, running marathons and lifting the equivalent of baby elephants. When I started, I could hardly keep up.

    But I grit my teeth, plastered a serene smile on my face and kept at it. Kept walking down those stairs and telling Buff Chad to bring it on.

    Now I can keep up and occasionaly kick their behinds on stuff that requires balance and lower body strength. Like a plank.

  9. Thanks, Y'all!
    I realized quickly yesterday that my biggest challenge
    in CrossFit would be to reduce the size of my ego!

  10. You continue to amaze me. I don't have the strength or determination that you have.

  11. Thanks TB!
    Determination - I got that part!
    Strength - that part is still in training!

  12. You made it through the first class! That is incredible and you should be very very proud of yourself!

  13. Lunges and squats: the two exercises I hate the most. Good job working through it! Are you sore today? It seems like the third day is always the worst to me.

    Good job!!!

    I love me some Carbmaster yogurt. The carrot cake flavor is da bomb and I don't even like carrot cake. Give it a try. :)

    Proud of you, Anne.

  14. Oh Anne-- Your ROCK. The first few weeks could be killer but in the end all the squats and lunges will pay off big time!!!! Yeah you.
    xo jj

  15. Damn it Girl!

    Your determination and perserverance are killing me :)
    I'm getting off this couch now and doing some lunges.
    Keep me posted on the exercise/repetitions/sequencing of these
    workouts...I'm gonna try and keep up.

    p.s. I love how your neighbors wait for you to come home with your new
    discoveries. Let them know I am thankful for their support in the technical department of photography. They are doing a good job and just for fun take a pic of them doing the lunge or squat.

    Sweaty Hugs to you.

  16. I'm so proud of you for not giving up!! It does look like that first class was quite hard, but you did it! You rock :)

  17. Wow, what a workout. Very impressive. I love CarbMaster yogurts. <3

  18. i love kettlebells! that seems so strange to say... but the movement with the weight is just fun. haha.

  19. mmm kettle chips...oh wait!!! LOL!! Hey I am very impressed with this new workout blitz! Id love to try CarbMaster yogurt, will have to start searching for it around here!

  20. You rock! If those pretty kettleballs get out of line all you have to do is stare them down and cackle..."I'll get you my pretties!".


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