30 April 2011

cross*fit fun

Uncured Canadian Bacon with an egg

Grass-fed beef in onion/red wine sauce
and green beans
with my new spices!

The CrossFit event was alot of fun, 
with free stuff and a chair massage

This a a typical CrossFit White Board.... 
shows the WOD - work out of the day
Which changes all the time - 
that's why CrossFit is never boring!

All the CrossFit routines are "scaleable"
- Adaptable to every level of fitness and age.
There is a resistance band to assist in pull-ups....

And instead of floor push-ups, 
a person can do them at a certain level...
across this bar, for example

People compete against their own starting times 
in this work-out routine:

500 meter row on a rowing machine
40 body weight squats - 
(where you sit down on a very small medicine ball, 
then stand up real fast)
30 sit ups - no one holds your feet
20 push ups - chin to the floor.... hands leave the floor... then repeat
10 pull ups on an over-head bar! They can use the resistance band if needed.

Men and women have categories from beginner to pro:
Like 3:55 to 7:30 to get all those routines done!

One lady started at over 10:00 and
improved to around 8 minutes...
It's good clean and sweaty fun!

The swelling is finally going down on my face and head.
I made the mistake of having SF fro yo today.
Gave me a headache like no-ones business!

Just can't wait to get back into shape.
I actually crave it!

Hope you are having a great week end!


  1. thanks for the follow. This is a great post. The food and the profile. I love going to blogs and seeing the stay with it results.

  2. I've not heard CrossFit described like this... in such an accessible way. It usually sounds so intimidating... but now I see they tailor it to the persons level, all the way down to beginners. Interesting!

  3. That sounds like a really good program that allows for progress and gains along the way. The variety keeps it interesting, I bet.

    The two meals at the top - YUMMY!

  4. Sound like things are going great. Love the look of that egg and Canadian bacon. Of course, being from the south, I love anything fried. I think I'm going to fry some eggs today in honor of you. I haven't had any in a while.

  5. Nice food...especially the Canadian bacon.

    CrossFit seems like something that would knock me out...it would probably take me two hours to do that routine...plus a lot of crying.

  6. looks like fun, and a hell of a workout--weak muscles and fat cannot hide from CROSS FIT!!!

  7. Well, they are doing a fairly good imitation of hiding here with me.
    On me. It comes and goes. Amazing how not being able to workout
    (due to the bump on the head) has really slowed down my whole routine!
    Ah - no problem - soon enough I shall be kicking it up in the Box!


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