14 April 2011

shopping and working

2008 and this very day

Subway has salads!
 "It's like a sandwich but in a bowl," they said....

Kroger has furniture - not too shabby, chick

They even carry food items...
The Kroger in me neighborhood 
has to lock up the baby formula!

Super Kroger has lots of everything
It's the biggest store I have ever seen!

Cool new pans for cooking
Polka-dot Corning Ware and Flower-dy Teflon

Cool plates for Spring - 30% off

Hmmm. Hmmmm-hmmm in hhhmmmy hyrmmp!
(Cling peaches in heavy syrup)
Do you remember that episode of All In The Family?

Lovely flowers for you, Spring Time

This Kroger has a jewelry store inside-
(That's McKinney for you!)
The sell the prestigious "5 table ring"
Why do they call it a "5 table ring?" you might ask?
 - cuz you can see it from five tables away!

My dinner was a Chicken Thigh....
And snacks wer the Carb Master yogurt with
added protein - for extra yumm...
And healing
Hope you are well - 
My happy streak continues....
Thanks for reading!


  1. There's a SUBWAY downstairs from my Pilates studio, so I drop in about twice a week for the salads (for me) and a sub (for hubby's work lunches--one footlong is 2 lunches, easy as pie).

    This month, I got the special flabread with the egg whites/bacon/cheese/veggies, and I threw out the flatbread and had a veggie-cheese-bacon omelette for cheaper than any place in my neighborhood. Worked for me. :)

    I've had their meatballs salads often. Less than 400 cals and the sauce is better than any dressing they've got.

    I love the pureed avocado on the salads. Turkey avocado is a salad I get a lot. :)


  2. I think your happy streak must be contagious. I am beginning to feel something that is suspiciously like "happy". ;-)

  3. I like the candles, gentle-down routine before bed idea. Did you sleep especially well?

    The stores and displays give me an OD feeling. Oh well... Frying pans look appealing though.

    Sending warm head-healing thoughts...

  4. Love those pots! Hope you are feeling much better... your bruises are impressive!

  5. I miss Kroger- we had them where I grew up, but not where I love now! Hope you're doing ok!

  6. That is a big Kroger! Jewelry at Kroger? Somehow it just seems a little less prestigious to get your diamond ring and toilet paper in the same store.

    Glad you're happy. That makes me happy. Maybe that conk on the head was good for you! ;-)

  7. I know, right!?
    Seems I fell down, and the Universe caught me!
    Maybe it knocked some sense into me.
    I feel great, actually - just look like a Zombie!

  8. I love the easter colours!! Glad your doing o.k

  9. I love your colorful shopping expedition. It makes one feel like life is a veritable bouquet of colors! I'm glad to hear that you're happy, and I hope you're feeling better.

  10. I love Kroger but ours isn't quite that big. I love shopping there because they have everything I could possibly want.

  11. no Krogers in NY where I am anyway! kinda looks like a sam's club though! glad you're feelin' happy!

  12. how ya feeling? I will be glad when you are less racoon lookin!!! Most grocery stores lock up the baby formula, SOP!!

  13. Oh my goodness, Anne. I HAVE been away! I'm so sorry you fell and hurt yourself, but thrilled that you're on the mend, and as inspirational as ever! Beautiful pictures, as always!


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