25 April 2011

work out at work

Held this position for over two minutes....
No strain at all.... need more room, I guess!

SpunkySuzi has a plank challenge going on!

Tried a plank with a cane... more of a challenge 
cuz it also involves balance

I do alot of stretching and things that involve balance
Also, lots of "slow burn" things 
you can do at a desk... or almost anywhere!

They're fun, and easy enough... but deceptively difficult to do well
or for longer periods of time!

Just 2 minutes of stretching an hour
(on the hour, for me)
Adds up to almost 30 minutes of activity per shift.
That's 30 minutes of extra moving around 
that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise!

This has been my habit for nearly 2 years!
It keeps me more awake and alert - gets some 
circulation going!  It breaks up the day - 
And it's so easy - the hardest part is remembering 
to do it!

This little video is from February 2011...
Very slow burn arm stretch...
One minute going up.... one minute coming down.
Try the stretch and let me know how ya like it!
(The stretch - not the video!)

Nice salads for work 

Please - I want some more.....
coconut oil, that is!

Got a big order coming soon !
I tend to use more coconut oil in the summer.
Don't know why!

Hope your day is skippity-doo-bop!
What-ever that means!


  1. Give me the low down on coconut oil and why it is so good. I have been told to use olive or canola oil for low carb and low fat dieting.

  2. Karen Butler Ogle -
    That would be a subject for an entire post!
    A quick answer is that Coconut Oil
    contains Medium Chain Triglycerides..... and is therefore
    not digested as a normal fat would be. MCT's don't require bile.

    Wikipedia is a great place to learn more...
    Also, there are many Low Carb discussion boards
    that love to talk about the wonder of it all!

  3. Nice!! You had the same brand of coconut oil that I do :)

  4. Two thumbs up for coconut oil! In my cocoa every night...sometimes I cook with it, sometimes I just eat it!

    My arms are still burning from the slooooooooo stretch...feel like I lifted for 20 minutes!

    Enjoy a nice relaxing day today.

  5. I am so with you on the BALANCE MOVES!!! Love them, love them. This was GREAT! :)

  6. Where do you order your Coconut Oil from? I have been trying to find it locally (to save on shipping), but no one sells it!

  7. http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/

    Tropical Traditions.... I "liked" them on FB and got
    some kind of special deal.... I have no affiliation with them...
    There is even a rumour that there is a coconut oil shortage!
    I just found a good deal, and went for it!
    In this case, the sale price offset some of the shipping costs!

  8. I just came back and did another slow burn...my arms love this!

  9. I know, right!?
    It's harder than it looks!
    I try to do 3 or 4 of these a day.
    When your arms are up, the blood drains
    and you go right into gluconeogenisis!
    Or so they say, eh? ;D

  10. Great, thanks! Off to see if I can get it shipped here before my trip!


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