23 April 2011


Bacon with a spoon full of Splenda Brown Sugar....
I found The Splenda when I was cleaning out the freezer.
I might have used it twice in a year....
So out it goes.... but not before I did this!
I also added a hint of cayenne pepper.....mmmmm....

This is how they served bacon in California...
but the brown sugar was real, and 
the bacon was baked.... Paula Dean style

I crave to try the Uncured Canadian Bacon
and the Uncured Bacon Bacon....

Frying cauliflower in bacon drippings

Maybe with some Parmesan Cheese 
sometimes... but then my trainer 
looks over the top of his glasses at me...
Nerd smile
I eat butter, Heavy Whipping Cream and 
not enough cheese to count...

My Carb Master Yogurt Phase was ended
almost as soon as it began. Never re-upped.

So my dairy intake is m
"marginal" to start!
Get it?  heehee!

But my trainer says whey protein is ok,
if you aren't intolerant.
Sick smile

Angus Burger with SF BBQ 

I think these SF concoctions are like 
Training Wheels for LoCarb....
Good for the first few years,
as a person makes a metabolic transition,
and gets stabilized.... and breaks the sugar habit.

Or maybe a rare indulgence. I hesitate to use the 
word "treat!"

I am still way past Monsters
and all the SF drinks.... except maybe the 
Spritzers from the Soda Stream.

My tastes are "growing up" and I am becoming
a bit of a food snob! At least more sophisticated.

Hope your day is great!
And your weekend is wonderful!


  1. Ya' know, I've been eating bacon in California for over 30 yrs, and I've never seen brown sugar on it! I think you musta been down there in LaLa land to find that kinda stuff.

    But I'm planning on some of that cauliflower asap.
    Looks yummy.

    And your black eyes look like they're getting sorta tan. Hope you have a great weekend to go with the improving looks.

  2. The bacon has me drooling... er, I guess I should say DROOLING!

    And, cauliflower never looked so tasty!

    Oh, yikes, woman... I already ate my three meals for the day. Now I gotta wait ;>(

  3. katrina - LaLa Land only in that it's L.A.!

    This was some fancy place near the beach.
    I met JP and his lovely wife Mad for brunch.
    The bacon was so gooey sweet that
    we had to send it back!
    And the brown sugar was all melted,
    not like I have it here.
    (This is the Texas version.)

  4. Bacon-fried cauliflower ... mmmmmmm. Curious, why do you not like to say the word "treat". The eyes are looking more flesh tone. :)

  5. ~Oct ~
    "Treat" as in "Reward"....
    I want to learn and teach myself
    that there are actually non-food "treats"
    that would be a better reward.
    For an occasional munchie, yeah -
    I would not hesitate. But "Occasional"
    soon turns into a weekly/daily thing I now "deserve."
    As if good food is the drudgery I endure,
    and junk is the "reward."

    Words in print are tricky....
    the meaning is often lost.....

  6. You've made Paula proud ya'll..her enthusiasm is oozing across Georgia to me.

    I've been without the internets this week and just caught up-- read about your last few days - head injury / racoon eyes, carbmaster, poached egg and cool looking coffee house in Garland-filled days. Wowza! Take care yo self.

  7. Pick Canadian bacon :) Just kidding eh?

  8. Bacon fried cauliflower? Now that does sound good. That Splenda brown sugar still has "real" brown sugar in it. I looked at the package. A little too carby for me but I guess it would be good when you need it for a recipe for that occasional splurge. ;-)

    No Monster?! I had one yesterday and thought of you. :) I still love my caffeine drinks. Guess my food tastes haven't quite grown up yet.

    Barbecue sauce. Yum! I have a low carb recipe for it that I'm thinking of trying. It's fun to try new stuff.

    LOVE all of the new foodie pics and recipes you're trying. You're my low carb guru.

    Sipping on almond milk and protein powder now. mmmmm. Cheers.
    HEY! Just had a thought. *shock* I wonder how difficult it would be to make my own bacon. Makin' bacon would have a different meaning. Might have to consult google for this one.

    Looking forward to seeing you again. Soon?

  9. Bacon is soooooo good...I am headed out to get some soon and I can't wait.

    Making ribs with BBQ for my baby boy tomorrow...he just loves ribs!!!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  10. Probably a good idea to toss the brown sugar splenda. It is misleading unless you read the label. It is splenda mixed with REAL brown sugar rather being an actual artificial brown sugar.

  11. Yes! Splenda is like 600 times stronger than sugar.
    So you need 600 times less the amount.
    600 times! That's alot.
    One little bit would sweeten a whole box.
    So Splenda needs a carrier.
    And since it also doesn't caramelize,
    I guess brown sugar/real sugar is a good match.
    But yeah - it's not ZERO calories...... maybe about half.

    I've never been a purist - I'm sure I've ingested
    more than a spoonful of sugar here and there -
    in sauces, etc....

    LoCarb is not (for me) NO carb!
    Ah - what's a Nurse to do!?!

  12. And Miss Kelly - I still love my caffeine -
    It's just the Monsters I gave up - again!
    I'm also cutting way way way back on aspartame.
    It might - or might not... be good - or bad!!
    So who needs it when there are other options!?
    Right now I have a constant headache, and need to focus
    on things that help my healing process!

  13. I know the concept well. "Treat", that is. I still have my daily chocolate and popcorn. More than just habit, I believe; some foods feed the sweet child within me. Maybe they're my tribute to the girl I once was, or some gentle offering in honor of...or maybe just a tidy rationalization. In any case, I'm maintaining my desired weight loss, without much fanfare, and that is good enough for me. For today. :)

    I thought I might be tired of bacon by now, but no. I could eat it every day. I have the land to raise a pig...cannot bring myself to consider it, yet. Maybe one day. *sob* Fear it would become a pet for life. :)

  14. Hi Anne, Interesting that 'fancy' delivers gooey sugar. I'm proud you sent it back when it was too much. Little hint to the cook that mega-sugar isn't the key to gourmet.

    I'm picking thru my food, trying to do gluten-free. (I remembered your wee little question about trying that as a remedy.) And for some reason, I'm also trying for dairy free while I'm at it. Pretty challenging along with low-low-carb. But there's still bacon-bacon- bacon. Every day I start with 3 pieces & 2 eggs, followed by one of those mega salads you showed me, with a few yummy red walnuts. It's a new world. Have a wonderful Easter in your resurrected and regenerated body.

  15. bacon with brown sugar?
    cauliflower in bacon grease?

    I don't know .... low carb eating is so so so so so different from how I eat, but you lose... who da thunk it?

  16. My point exactly!
    I say the same thing - in reverse when I see your blog!

  17. Bacon looks great. With sugar ??? Bacon looks awesome. I'm starved and this didn't help. Not fair, should of been here earlier.
    Take care and have a blessed Easter.


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