13 April 2011

good nite

Started a new routine - 

About 30 minutes before I go to sleep -
I turn everything off - or down....
And settle in with some nice music
and some candles. Kinda wind down.

I don't have any worries these days.
My job is great.
My health is great.
My blog is happy.
I'm happy!

All that anger stuff culminated with 
a bump on the head - who knew?
Must be the endorphins!

I love the CarbMaster Yogurt
with protein in it....
And the Arnica has helped with my bruising.
Arnica Montana is a Homeopathic medicine, 
for anyone who doesn't know. (link)
I studied Homeopathy many years
before I became a Nurse. 
When I lived in Germany,
many of the Pharmacies/Apothecaries were both
Allopathic and Homeopathic.

I still take a couple of short walks
every day, to help with circulation.
So that when I start back to working out,
I won't be starting completely over!

So, yeah - a couple of days back to work already...
I did some Nurse Sitting today -
Also known as Private Duty - 
Which is fine by me!

And now, I am in the habit of eating breakfast
every morning. What a difference it makes!
And the extra protein doesn't hurt.
I also like the Relaxing Bath at night before bed.

I have been having many Déjà vu 
-type experiences lately...like even typing this!

Hope you sleep great all night -
like you don't have a care in this world!
And wake up in the morning 
and enjoy Spring!


  1. Sounds like a beautiful way to end the day!

  2. I wish you a beautiful array of dreams and healing rest. Muah.

  3. One thing I haven't seen you mention.

    A man picked you up and carried you! He got you down the stairs when you were out to all things lively.

    Isn't that awesome. I can't imagine anyone except maybe a heavy weight lifter being able to help me in similar circumstances.

    I composed a silly poem to celebrate this with you but it was as I was trying to go to sleep so I lost it in dreamland.


  4. Ooh, I like your bedtime ritual. :-)

  5. Love the candles and nice music...perfect way to end the day.

  6. Great way to end the day, Anne. A good example of self-care, which we all need to do.

  7. What have I missed? I hope you are Ok.

  8. Lighting a candle for you. I just checked in after a few days -- and you look like you need a kiss on the head. I like this new self-caring routine for relaxing. (Just make sure you have enough light so you don't trip!!)
    hugs to heal with.


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