08 April 2011


Woe - it's me -
It's summer up in here already!

 Close  enough for April.
Time to drink more water!

This is the Soda Stream
It makes carbonated water! (link)

I got mine at Sur la Table a couple of years ago.
But now you can find them more places - 
Even the wonderful Macy's

I think I paid $150 which included everything....
all the flavor add-ons, extra water bottles, and cylinders.
But they have different models and prices, too.

I didn't want to haul Perrier up the stairs every day.
Plus deal with all the bottles to recycle.

Start with cold cold water. 
I use a distiller - again, to save
lugging bottles up the stairs!


Pull the little lever


You can add as little or as much fizz as you like


You can add flavors or spritzers
And  the sugar free syrups use Splenda!

I added a couple of frozen berries

A great thing to have
for a fact!

Hope you like yours as much
as I love mine - if you get one!


  1. Love this! I really enjoy the bubble water!

  2. haha, love the video. I love my Soda Stream too ... and I get to use it tomorrow! I did try plain seltzer water but didn't care for it as much as non-fizzy water. Maybe I should try again with less fizz.

  3. Looks yummy. That must make a good replacement for Monster drinks. Speaking of... I thought of you when I read this news article. Thought it would help you keep your resolve not to drink Monster. :-D


  4. A dead mouse, eh? That would throw a
    damper on the whole thing, eh?
    Rough stuff, that!

  5. Big fan of Sur la Table. Bubbles, who doesnt like bubbles?

  6. Never seen anything like that. COOL!!! Love the new gym too. And your old folks gym, that was my job, rehab aide. Made the poor old folks move, like it or not. I was such a meany keeping them moving.
    Take care my friend and have a blessed weekend.

  7. I am odd. I don't like carbonated water or sodas. Never have and I suspect I never will.

  8. Looks fun and I bet my boys would love it. This gal can't have carbonated drinks anymore though.

  9. That looks super fun, I wish I like carbonated beverages because I would buy one.

  10. Very cool, Anne. I love carbonated drinks, and I used to be addicted to Coca Cola. I weaned myself off of that, but I still like a fizzy drink. Great idea!


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