26 April 2011

smith machine

Please may I introduce to you
my newest deal - A "Smith Machine" - (link)
For what will eventually be pull-ups and chin-ups and
all kinds of things!

CrossFit guys do pull-ups with a towel over a bar.

I am even dreaming of CrossFit. 
Did 35 sit ups in my sleep the other night.

This Smith Machine is from craigslist - 
the undisputed best place to buy work-out stuff
like weights -  people want to get rid of it cheap!
This was $100 cash. So it's win-win.

My current set-up is ok.
But I wanted a cage ever since I saw one in L.A.
Much more practical.

One more thing for my gym to be complete:
A fan. A really good fan.
I simply can not find my super wonderful Vornado fan.
Perhaps it disappeared into thin air?

This is part of my new fancy eating plan.
Flounder with spinach/balsamic 

I like to have Beef one day.
Chicken one day.
Beef next day.
Then Fish day.
Then Beef.
Then Pork.
Then one day I probably just don't eat.
Or maybe eat anything! Or nothing really planned.
Or mix it up.
Since I was having beef almost every day,
This is about 50% less beef intake.
Focusing on the leaner proteins.
Even on LoCarb, it's good to watch the fat intake!

I love this new way of fancy cooking!
Eating beef jerky and pork rinds with a can 
of Cheeze Whiz just isn't "good enough" 
for me any more. Call me a food snob! I know!
Tuna from a can - not so much.
Globs of cream cheese - well......
Peanut Butter right from the jar - no thanks!
Last year, I didn't think I would ever get tired of 
eating my hamburger patty - every day.

Hope your day is truly wonderful!


  1. Tuna from a can. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

  2. Rib Eyes look great...I need me some meat

  3. Love the new equipment. I doubt I could do one chin-up though even if my life depended on it. Go you!

  4. I can not yet do one chin-up or pull-up.
    But that is my goal: One. One day.
    Even a Sissy-fied chin-up!

  5. Peanut Butter straight from the jar = nectar of the gods. Best eaten with a spoon once the jar gets half empty, or you end up with schmears of peanut butter on your knuckles.

  6. Your flounder dish looks fabulous! I wouldn't be surprised if you start dropping more weight what with the beef reduction...

  7. your foods are sounding good...I bet your body will like the variety in fuel.

  8. I am now doing the opposite ... more beef. I hadn't eaten enough! You know how I love my tenderloin!

    La Cage aux Folles! A cage for a Queen! Well it was that or Madwomen. :D

  9. Glad you have a Smith machine...now you can keep up with the Jones'.

    Had a bacon cheeseburger tonight and thought of you!

  10. I want steak. It's been so very long. Hopefully one day soon.
    Take care and enjoy your meals, they look and sounds fantastic.
    God bless you Anne.

  11. Was going to write a comment, but my silly computer took too long to load this page and I forgot.

    *Talk amoungst yourselves while I think*
    something about the vornado...

    oh hell, I give up. :D

  12. Weel, at any rate, it's a darn good fan!
    Where ever it is!


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