15 April 2011

sandwich generation

From time to time, good things just happen.
A "perfect storm" of good things!
Somewhere in some dumb small little town,
Some nurse couldn't come in to work...
So it all shuffled down to not being able to fill a case.
And here's me - with two black eyes.
And not really able to work for a few days.
(I'm ok..... just look to be "a sight!")

Subway - not just for the "Sandwich Generation"
Rolling on the floor laughing
So I got some impromptu "light duty" for couple of days.....
Took a sweet "little old lady" shopping
(She loves to shop)
And then to eat at Subway
(She loves to eat)
And then to Starbucks
She thinks I'm her hero
Cuz I "fixed" her cell phone.
(It needed to be reset)
And showed her how to work a cable box.
(Got that one, too!)
And the fancy new microwave.
(Ask a foodie about the microwave!)
Nerd smile
So we shopped and giggled and ate
And sat outside in the sun
like a couple of little old ladies on holiday!
Rainbow + Dog face + Cat face
(Rainbows and Puppies and Kitties)
It was win-win all the way around.
And it was a happy day for everyone!

She from Naw-lans, where day straight-up
talk like day from der Mousie Soy-cus!
(I'm not fluent in that language -
But I do understand just a leedle!)

The company I work for does all kinds of Nursing,
not just Hospice.... cuz a nurse is a nurse, after all!
In the summer, we have alot of post-op
face-lift cases and tummy tucks!
And lots of private duty.

Hope your day is happy and easy and fun -
Maybe even a little sweaty - but not over the small stuff!


  1. What a happy story!
    Made my day, er evening,

  2. Sounds like a great, fun, relaxing day.

  3. Sounds like a nice day. That little lady sounds like she knows a good thing when she finds one. you will be back to your normal self soon...hugs.

  4. oooh I wanna get me a nurse.
    for today.
    just one day.

  5. Without a doubt!
    And shop till we drop - then crawl!

    It really was a great day indeed!
    This Closed Head Injury was like pushing the "Reset" button for me!

  6. She sounds like a blast!! I hope i'm as spunky at that age :)

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun, and that you both got the warm-fuzzies! She sounds cute! I lived down in Gulfport MS for a few years during my gypsy days..just kind of floating around. Im french-canadian/sicilian/scottish/possibly some other mystery euro-ness in there---and everyone used to ask me if I were Cajun! I love that accent. Ironically, living so close to the big easy I never made it there!! Id love to go there on vacay someday :-)

  8. I bet you just made that a fun day for your patient! My 92 yo mom has never figured out how to use the oven on our stove. It's been here about 3 years now. I think she has a racket going.

  9. sounds like a great day! nursing isn't just medicine and dressing changes either - you made that woman's day (maybe even week). it's all in the bedside manner!!

  10. Sounds like a great day...and you get paid!!!

    Hope you aren't suffering too much...hugs!

  11. Oh Wow. What a wonderful day! I could use a day like that. Seriously.

    Actually, I want to find my happy again. It's been smashed a bit this week by work/tax stress and I miss it.

  12. Nice to meet you too, I will be watching how you are eating since I have to start eating the same way.

  13. This was beautiful to read!

    Best Wishes,



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