29 April 2011

central market

It's Foodie Paradise

Every single thing you could ever want

Every kind of coffee and tea

This is just the olives

All kinds of oils

Wines all day

Nuts, of course, and nut butters

Every kind of meat and cheese
and every fruit and veggie on Earth

Every kind of salt can you can imagine!
Wood Smoked Salt, Chardonnay Oak Smoked Salt,
Bolivian Rose Salt, for starters.

I got some samples of spices:
Ground Tumeric, Sweet Smoked Paprika,
Curry Powder, Coconut Curry Powder,
Herbs de Providence with Lavender,  and Grains of Paradise

Out the door in a flash!

This is the best store I've ever been in!
I could have stayed for hours.
Maybe days!


  1. wow that place is like heaven.

  2. I love interesting grocery stores. That looks like such a neat shop! What fun!

  3. Oh, wow, great selection! No such places around here. If there were, I'd be a regular.

  4. markets like this
    only in America
    too many choices
    a quandary do make

  5. I'm not sure I'd shop anywhere else! Well, Costco of course.
    Enjoy all your new food!
    Herbes de Providence? Theological spices now? :D

  6. Couldn't resist the names:
    Herbs de Providence....
    Grains of Paradise....

    I wanted to try some things I've read about
    and some things I've always known about -
    but never tried!

  7. It's centrally wonderful, isn't it?

  8. It is for a fact!
    I went there once - dashed in for some bottled water.
    But never took the time to really shop there!
    I just love it.... but then again, what's not to love?

  9. I LOVE Central Market.

  10. Wow! That place looks so cool. I could stay in a place like that and shop forever. :)

  11. Fabulous and funny! What a winning combination!

  12. Good job i'm not there because i'd be living in there :)

  13. "Wines all day..."

    Gee, you could be describing me, if you insert an "h". :)

    As for the market, well there is one in the closest town, with TWO KINDS OF POTATOES! And THREE kinds of milk (whole, half 'n half, and chocolate.) Makes life so simple. ;)

  14. Love to shop there. I've been known to drive down to shop. I try to stop on my way home when ever we are in Dallas. Its fun to be able to buy just a little bit of things in the bulk section to try.

  15. I love smoked paprika!! To me, it tastes like the seasoning that is on bbq chips!! It's great! We have a spice store here in Memphis, called Penzey's, there are opened jars of all the spices and blends and you can smell them all!!! Love that place!


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