14 April 2011

chicken strips

Boiled some chicken and cut in into strips
Fried it in a pan to make it crisp and brown.
Used SugarFree BBQ rub from Hallman's Bear Creek

Also made a few other little dipping sauces.
You could use this as a glaze.
But just know - Splenda won't caramelize!

This is SugarFree Smucker's Peach Preserves
with Cholula Chipotle Sauce added

Here's an easy one:

Sour Cream (or Greek yogurt, perhaps?)
With MrsDash Southwest Chipotle seasoning added.

Or, to that mix, add some lime!

I made up several of these, and tried different ones.
I try to have more fish and chicken - 
And not so much beef. Because of the extra grease.

Hope your day is wonderful
And all that - 
We deserve to be happy!


  1. SF BBQ spice? that's what I need!

  2. They make a great sauce - hot or mild -
    and a great rub. My fave so far.....

  3. Looks scrumptious, Anne. I wish I was there to share it. We are having smothered cube steak tonight.

  4. I do love my beef too! Your chicken looks delicious. Did you serve it with a few veggies?

  5. Oh yes!
    A big huge green salad.
    I have a salad a day.... most days.

  6. Oh my the sour cream and Mrs Dash sounds yummy. Maybe that would work as a salad dressing for a southwest salad. Hmmmm. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Chicken looks good. Dipping sauces can make the meal.

    Hope the head, eyes & pride are healing well. And be careful brushing your hair :-)

    Thanks for your hugs & pokes re: my surgery, appreciate your kindness!

  8. Look what happens to you when I'm gone from visiting for a few days. WOW, I just read to when I was here and WOW!!! No more drinking for you. No more fooling around either.
    I hope you heal very fast. At least cooking like you do that will be good for you.
    Take care my friend. God Bless!!

  9. Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle is awesome stuff.
    I'm doing primal/paleo/lo-carb now and boy what a relief! No more cravings. It really is a miracle. Should've listened to you, eh?
    Steak for breakfast, Anne ... STEAK! Gotta love that kind of "diet".

    Hope the head's feeling better.

  10. Karen - Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle -
    That idea came from you! Awesome stuff!

    I am so glad the "diet" is working.
    Having no cravings for the sweet stuff is the miracle!
    I've been hungry maybe 5 times in 2 years (not counting fasting.)

    And the bump on the head - doesn't really hurt -
    Except maybe my pride!

  11. Evidence! Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle exists. There is hope that I'll one day find it here in nor cal. Way to keep hope alive!


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