07 April 2011


A gym in a Old Folks Home

Time to work out, chick!
Dude, whatever....
I think that trainer guy is trying to freaking kill me!
My fave Far Side Cartoon....

No one said it would be easy.
Now I am learning to do it.....
No complaints, just damn hard work.
And by that, I mean - it's not easy!
I push pretty hard - in a casual way - on my own.
Working with someone ramps it up a level.
This is much harder than I even worked 
in Army Basic Training!

Lunges. They look so easy.
That is a lie!
Little silly resistance bands.
Another lie!

No, really...a promise...an idea...
Just like the beginnings of weight loss!
A goal...... an image of a future self, that
doesn't huff and puff - and over react 
to having to take the stairs
cuz people in California
always take the stairs!

Who knows what else - 
What wonderful things can be done?
I really wonder if I have damaged my body
past the point of repair....
Probably not. The Zombie Thing (body) is pretty
durable.... It's my mind that can't adjust.
The body just seems to follow!

I said after the very first work-out,
that the main thing I need to re-train, 
and work on - is my own ego.

And by the way, day 2 with no Monster.
No problem! I expect a headache on day 3.
That's when the half-life kicks in.

Thanks Jo - for the idea of the Foam Rollers
I'm a wee leedle bit sore today!

Well. Dear Bloggers.
Here we go.  An adventure for sure.
Ready? Me too!
Thanks for coming along!


  1. I've had a trainer for almost 3 years, 3x a week the first 9 months, 2x a week since then. It's a fortune. My retirement funds are a-suffering. But hubby and I decided me getting healthy was priority ONE...and screw the 401K until I get to goal weight.

    I do not push myself enough on my own. I got a trainer cause I simply would not stick to exercise. Paying for it forces me to show up and get my money's worth. And it's their job to get you to muscle fatigue safely and allover (all muscles). I have not had an injury (one strain when a different fill-in trainer had me, but it was fine in a week). I have built muscle. I feel really good.

    I think by next year, I'll cut down to 1x a week and do my own workouts on other days. It has been an immense luxury, and our budget is strained a lot.....but I saw it as paying for rehab for the damage done by 2 decades of couch potatohood.

    I love that I'm sore after workouts. IT tells me the pushing is good...muscle is building.

    Lunges are of da debil...

  2. No, it's not easy, Anne! It's darned hard work...I agree harder than basic training. What I remember from that was running a lot, then resting, then running some more carrying something else. Sometimes crawling or climbing, and flag football in the evenings. No lunges, no squats, no sit or pushups, no weights or lateral stretches.

    Damage to the Zombie Thing? Maybe. But it will heal itself in that amazing way it is designed to do.

    Yes. The physical part of losing weight is easy. the mental catch-up requires some concentration.

    Advil is your friend. Monster is, uh, a monster. Smash it before it gobbles you up.

  3. Foam roller is your friend. :) Also there is something called The Stick available at running stores that I adore. Another friend. Along with an epson salts bath.

    You are not damaged, my friend. You are rebuilding. You are becoming a stronger you. Mentally, physically. Shedding a negative self image while gaining muscle.

    Thanks for the blog comment yesterday. It's always good to hear from you.

  4. Trainers will whip your ass...I had one once, for 3 free sessions after joining a gym a few years back near my old apartment. You are not kidding when you say its not like working out hard by your own standards--they are merciless! I cracked up at your cartoon, I love Far Side!

  5. I am so stinking lazy, I need to get to the gym!!! I just do the treadmil!!

  6. I hate lunges!
    I hope you are not sore for long.

  7. You are a machine!!! Keep up the great work!

  8. Squats and planks I actually like doing but lunges oh my!!

  9. The Zombie Thing... that cracked me up!

  10. it always takes me like 3 weeks to get used to a new routine no matter how "fit" I should be from constantly working swimming... I can drop into masters swimming but a cardio class set up in stations or gentle yoga kicks my butt... just sayin

    give it a few weeks..work through it


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