12 April 2011

absolut beginner

Ran a brush right through this mess of staples.... 
forgot it was there....
I suddenly remembered!

"It don't seem the same since Cosmic Light
came into my life and I thought it was Divine..."
Rocky Horror Picture Show - of course

The double black and blue eyes - 
Some mini-concussion

Rose tint my world - 
Keep me safe from the trouble and pain!
Thanks, new friends - and old friends -
for your kind words about my injury.

As I said in the comments earlier....
Some of this happened when I fell backwards
in a chair and knocked myself out.
As nearly accurate as we could reconstruct the "crime" scene!
That's when I cut my head!
(At least I didn't break the chair!)
The rest of it 
(And believe me, there is more)
happened when my friend tried to carry me
down the stairs to the truck!

The neighbors saw him carrying me and dragging me 
and called 911.
All when I was knocked out.
Blood everywhere. Blood splatter trails on cement.

So I crossed "social drinking" off my list for good.
My boss - I told her all about it - 
said I might have fallen backwards whether I had
a couple of (very strong!) drinks or not.
I was still pretty sore from starting CrossFit.
Either way, it didn't help my recovery time,
That much is for sure!

I'm not a drinker.... never touched the stuff.
All those years of being heavy - 
It took more alcohol than it was worth!
But now that I've lost weight,
A couple of ounces does the trick.
For the past few months I have enjoyed
A little drink here and there...
But no more. 
Not worth the abuse!

I know plenty of people who
have trouble quitting drinking 
despite horrible consequences!
Much worse than a bump on the head.
We all know people who have lost everything 
and more to it. And still won't quit.
Health, money, family, friends....

Then there are people who have a one drink limit
and that works for them - that's great!

Maybe some people substitute
drinking for food, once they lose the weight.
Or something else.

Even so-called "good" behaviors can be exploited.
Too much working out. Too much of anything!
It's easy enough to get lost in the smoke and mirrors.

I talked at length with a friend today (Yay, Skype!)
And he said to take time off and watch a movie.
I ♥ Huckabees was what he suggested.
Which I could not find. But will.

So yes. 
I do need to get out and make some new friends.
That's a fact.

I woke up the other day in a perfect mood.
The morning after this happened, I was giggling.
Nothing in the world can bother me.
Like these bumps on the head
changed me - like on Gilligans' Island
or some other silly thing. When they knock someone out.
And they wake up "different." I cooked and ate and slept...
Made plans, did some thinking. I have no hard feelings
toward the guy who tried to help me - he's all banged up, too - 
or toward myself, or anyone else in the world. 
Only good. We all do the best we can. 
The intention of all behaviour is positive, they say.

This is the Universe giving me a gift.
And when it hits you on top of the head,
It's good to pay attention!

I have been back to work, (short day)
but now with the two black eyes,
a couple of mega-sized bruises,
and maybe a broken/bruised rib or two!
(injuries are sometimes worse on the 3rd day)
I thought I had better not show up
looking like a Zombie in real life!
Hope your day is great - 
Mine really is!


  1. Dear lord but you got in a scrape. I miss a few days and now I have to read up on your posts. I hope you are not too sore. goodness. I really feel for you...the universe giving you a gift...what a great attitude.. hugs to you.

  2. I agree with Cinner. Great attitude, Anne. But that's what I expect from you anyway. You look to the good side. You find the lesson. You grow.

    I hate that you're bruised and stapled and all that. I hate that you lost blood and scared a bunch of neighbors and maybe your own self, too.

    But if this takes you higher on the curve of wisdom, then yes, it's a Universal Thump Of Progression. Or something like that.

    God bless, sweetness. May you heal quickly and never miss those drinks you won't be having.


  3. That was a remarkable kerfuffle. Your poor friend. Your poor neighbours. Did the police see the funny side.

    Be CAREFUL of those chairs. *smile*

  4. Not one person tried to "shame" me
    Including me, myself-
    cuz they know it's not my M.O.
    My friends and neighbors
    have genuine concern for me.
    I only tell the story here in the interest
    of truth and accountability.
    I know it could have been a lot worse!

    And the "gift" part?
    Oh, yes, without a doubt!
    Many people have to go through
    a lifetime of events before they learn....
    Not just a couple of months!

  5. You have good friends, Anne. I say a bang in the head is a small price to pay for a big lesson and you are quite a fast learner, so I hope no more bangs will be needed. Take it easy. (hugs)

  6. Egads! I can only wonder what your poor neighbors thought... seeing a guy dragging off your bloody "corpse"!! They must've been aghast!

    Heal fast, girl, this looks painful. I cringed at the thought of a comb raking those staples. :-O

  7. Poor you..that must really have hurt and still must be pretty nasty. Sounds like no permanent damage though. Poor you....sending love your way xXx

  8. I'm glad you are okay. Bruises, etc, will heal, as we know. You are so right - nature abhors a vacuum and new habits will try to sneak in to replace old ones.

    But on the funny side - what a comedy of errors! This has all the makings of a screwball comedy. So who will play you and your gallant(?) rescuer?

  9. That's a good question!
    Someone cute, for sure :)

  10. Wow, what a horrible thing to happen. Hope you are all healed up soon :)

  11. Blood splatters on cement.
    Staples and bruises!
    Call 9-1-1!
    Ouch, you!

  12. Oh no ... I was hoping you wouldn't get black eyes. From the looks of them they are going to become more black before they fade back to normal. *big hugs*

    BTW, I love Dr Frankenfurter. :) As he says "Don't dream it, be it."

  13. Oh mercy.

    A week or so of the tossled, shake and go hairstyle should do the trick until the staples come out - No combs or brushes!

  14. And no blonde dye.
    Drat the luck!
    Can't wait to get back to the "having more fun" part!

  15. Holey moley! Glad you're ok and I have to say your attitude is fabulous - you give "pick your self up, dust yourself off" a smile for me. Hang in there!

  16. So, did you lose any weight with the blood loss? Or did the weight of the staples make up for that? My hero would have to be someone who is cute enough but not too cute to take me for granted. So I'm thinking someone maybe a bit uglier than my hubby. So James Marsden is definitely out :(

  17. Wow, Anne! I'm glad you're going to be OK. You are a very strong lady, and I know you will be OK. Take care.

  18. Anne, I'm so sorry for all you have been through the past few days. I hope you are feeling better. You certainly have a great attitude about it and I hope the healing take place soon. Hang in there and hugs for you.

  19. Thanks, Karen Butler Ogle -
    With OZ as my witness (as in "Wicked")
    I don't know what it is that has made me so happy!
    I woke up like this!
    Must be endorphins!

  20. welp this post 'splained a bit more and made me worry a lil less about you. The visual is bad but you're really ok. Talk about the universe "bonking you on the head"?! And also, the silver lining in things. I love your happy positive attitude!

  21. Vodka: Stirred, not shakenApril 12, 2011 at 6:03 PM

    Clever Post Title -
    Absolut - ly!

  22. Anne, are you Vodka, the commenter above?

    Maybe you're happy you didn't die. I am!


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